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Game To Get for 2010 - Not Halo Reach?

I'm going to rent Halo Reach if Gamefly gives me a chance but it isn't the game I have been waiting for in 2010. If you look back at the 2010 roster of games so far, nothing actually really stands out (maybe except for Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty but who plays computer games anymore... j/k). 
The one game that I'm interested in is Fable III and I don't really know way. Fable II was a good game with an 'ok' story line but had an interesting way to keep you going and hooked to your character. I think I'm more interested in how they will improve it this time around (third times a charm huh?). 
I think its a preference and I am still a Halo fan at heart (I do like the store and how its progressed so far) but my opinion might change once I start playing. Who knows, I might start moving away from Modern Warfare 2 ;)