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Good site just needs some touchups

The more I come to this site, the more I see potential. Here are some ideas that I came up with that probably the GiantBomb staff already know about:

  • Cancel your Pending Subs - I edited the NCAA football 09 section with something new and just some more information. I checked this morning and found that my sub is still pending but someone already beat me to the punch. I don't mind someone doing it but I wouldn't mind canceling my pending edit if I know that page looks a lot better.
  • Holding a page that is in pending mode - If I was working on some code for work, I would place a 'hold on it' while I was editing what I thought was right. I would then send it to get approved and once approved, the code will be the newest to edit for anyone else. I know this would be slower then it is already but at least I will know what I can edit a page and when I can not.
  • Show a date/time of when the last edit happened - If I know it was fairly new or just really old, I might realize that I can wait or I can edit that page. Maybe even place the username just in case of abuse (for future problems to come).

That's all I can think of for now but I know there will be more to come :P