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Best of 2011

List of games that influenced me in 2011 (order may change)

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  • <p>Dead Space 2 is that sequel that you want to play the campaign first to know more about Isaac Clarke's struggle in a new Necromorph infested area. Visceral Games introduces new guns, enemies and armor but keeps the core gameplay that made the first game so enjoyable.</p></br><p>This third person horror game also introduces a multiplayer feature which is nice but nothing memorable that will keep you coming back for more.</p></br><p>Its a great start to the 2011 year and makes you want to play Dead Space 3 to continue the great story.</p>

  • <p>It's a Capcom Street Fighter game with special guest Marvel helping out with the fighting roster but that doesn't mean this isn't a good game. The game has been balanced enough to allow gamers who aren't used to fighting games but give people who are veterans to the genre the normal feel they know and love. The games' face lift adds what Street Fight IV gave us back in 2009%3B a colorful and enjoyable fighting platform.</p></br><p>The game also allows you to match up against human opponents online which has its moments of good and bad (connection problems to say the least). These online match ups will help hone any avide Marvel vs Capcom 3 players skills and character selections.</p></br><p>Capcom has always had a grasp on fighting games and their formula for success hasn't changed this addition to the Marvel vs. Capcom franchise.</p>

  • <p>This was the game we wanted to see back when we heard about another <b>Duke Nukem</b> game coming in 1997. This first person shooter gives you the vulgar, action pack, boot stomping you crave in 2011.</p></br><p>Outside from the standard parts of a first person shooter, the game adds a nice lasso feature that allows you to shoot up enemies or bring them closer to you. You are also being scored as you play the game which asks more like cash. The points allocated will help you upgrade weapons to perform powerful attacks.</p></br><p>The multiplayer isn't anything to be amazed about as its a hord-like mode which involves scoring to move on to the next level.</p></br><p>Its a first person shooter, inspired by a 'Duke Nukum' like frame with an 'ok' multiplayer. The game is still entertaining and give you hours or playtime but will probably dull many after its gamelife.</p>

  • <p>The legos brand of games have always been fun and entertaining and this one is no different continuing the <b>Star Wars</b> franchise in style. The game still brings you humor, action and puzzles for all ages to enjoy</p><br/><p>This Star Wars is relavent to the <b>Star Wars: Clone Wars</b> cartoon show which will be going on its 4 season this coming fall. It brings you the stories from the show and places that wonderful lego twist that makes you want to smile. The visual effects seem better from previous lego games with better maps and more action going around then ever before. The puzzles are run to solve but the split screen ones can be kind of confusing.</p><br/><p>This game is just another lego based game that is fun and entertaining but isn't revolutionary by any means. If you are the kind of person that likes lego games, then you know what to expect and everyone will just have a good time playing the game.</p>

  • <p>Bioware wants to come out strong in 2011 with the much anticipated sequel to <i>Dragon Age: Origins</i> properly named <b>Dragon Age II</b>. This sequel took a lot of the problems with the original game and fixed them, plus it combined another compelling story that can have ties with what you have done in the first game.</p></br><p>The gameplay has changes from a one click combat system to a 'Diablo' like attacking system. While button mashing your enemy, you can still go into sub menus, cast quick abilities/spells or just pause the game to setup the strategy portion. A new 'skill tree' has replaced the two tier system of talents/magic and skills making the leveling process more enjoyable. The story seems shorter and linear at first but with all the missions and responses you have as a character, the possibility that the story shifts and twists depends on your decisions in missions.</p></br><p>The game is more polished and less buggy which can only make the <b>Draong Age II</b> experience that much better.</p>

  • <p>Tiger didn't have the 2010 year he hoped for but that doesn't mean there isn't a new golf game with his name on it. This year, EA has brought to us <b>Tiger Woods 12: The Masters</b> which emphasizes more on a players PGA career climbing to the top, caddie assistance and the famous Augusta National Golf Club is now playable for the first time in this franchises history.</p></br><p>The addition of Augusta National Golf Club is a major feet for this game as you get to play around on this historic course. You may also replay "Masters Moments" to see if you can be the 'best of the best' at Augusta. Another important feature to this years game is the career mode and how a player must qualify and battle at the lower rankings before making their way to the PGA tournaments. You will take on competitors from Amateur tour, the Nationwide TOUR, and Q-School and complete tasks to move on the the ultimate goal. The caddie feature is a nice touch for beginners or exports alike. You caddie gives you safe, medium or hard shots depending on your lie and just gives you advise when it can. The caddie doesn't know all but as you complete course challenges, your caddie becomes smarter and gives you better opinions on your shot selections.</p></br><p>Golfers will rejoice at EA's new golf game which highlights one of the most historic golf course in America, Augusta National. With the additions of a caddie and better golf career mode, the small issues that plague this game can be over looked. May your road to the Masters be a pleasant one.</p>