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Rumik: Best of 2009

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  • I don't understand the poor reviews this game got, as it's AMAZING. GAME OF THE YEAR for me! I really need to replay it.

  • A massive improvement over the first game, though I prefer the more linear maps and characters of the first.

  • Undoubtedly a great game, but is it better than the first? More forgiving on Veteran, certainly, but the story mode isn't as good. Multiplayer has just too much going on that it alienated me. And was that airport scene really necessary? No, I don't think so.

  • Hmm. I was expecting something a bit better as a follow up to Halo 3, but sadly I was left a little underwhelmed. Hasn't stopped me from replaying it a few times though, to get all the non-Firefight achievements.

  • A really great game, though some of the Challenge Rooms are a little unfair. I just can't finish the combat ones, I'm just not good enough.

  • One of the only reasons I turned on my PS3 this year. Was really hoping for DLC, but no such luck.

  • On par with InFAMOUS, loads of fun. You feel really powerful straight away and it's a much darker story.

  • Specifically the DLC released this year. It's been absolutely brilliant, and kept me playing this game for a lot longer than I would have without it. Great additions to an already great game!

  • A return to the original, AMAZING classic. My interest waned though, after Coral Sea was unlocked. It was a bit of a let down!

  • Loads of silly fun for the RPG and FPS gamer.