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113612 Floating Point New Release 06/10/14 03:24AM 7 Approved
79101 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Game Overview Added release date 01/05/14 08:20AM 8 Approved
47282 Sumotori Dreams Game Overview Added a dev and fixed the name 08/03/13 11:49AM 16 Approved
47281 Detonate Game Overview http://www.wildebeestgames.com/detonate.htm http://www.pcgamer.com/2011/01/18/detonate-update-adds-extra-kersplode/ 08/03/13 11:46AM 10 Approved
46490 2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation Game Overview It's the best in the series 07/31/13 10:41AM 10 Approved
46489 Kuma\War Game Overview http://www.kumawar.com/ It's super popular in Iraq 07/31/13 10:39AM 10 Approved
46488 Glorious Mission Game Overview http://thegloriousmissiongamefreedownload.blogspot.co.uk/ http://www.giantbomb.com/forums/general-discussion-30/killing-american-soldiers-in-chinese-video-game-gl-496839/ 07/31/13 10:38AM 10 Approved
45509 Experiment 12 Game Overview http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2013-07-27-indie-devs-terry-cavanagh-jasper-byrne-and-more-collaborate-on-free-curio-experiment-12 http://www.polygon.com/2013/7/26/4559008/experiment-12-by-12-different-indie-developers 07/28/13 04:31AM 10 Approved
45508 Judith Game Overview It's by the bloke who made VVVVVV 07/28/13 04:29AM 10 Approved
41483 A New Zero Game Overview Procedurally-generated running! 07/07/13 12:37PM 10 Approved
41074 Swarm Assault Game Overview There's not enough bug RTSes 07/06/13 04:32AM 5 Approved
41073 Empire of the Ants Game Overview 07/06/13 04:22AM 9 Approved
41026 Desperate Gods Game Overview It's brilliant 07/06/13 01:14AM 5 Approved
40503 VBS1 Game Overview Because it's like a more advanced ArmA and therefore brill 07/03/13 11:04AM 10 Approved
40501 Distant Guns: The Russo-Japanese War at Sea Game Overview Naval sims about obsure wars that nobody remembers are games 07/03/13 11:02AM 10 Approved
40496 Ultimate General: Gettysburg Game Overview It's an upcoming RTT 07/03/13 10:50AM 10 Approved
40491 VBS2 Game Overview Because it's like ArmA but more simmy 07/03/13 10:46AM 10 Approved
40489 American Civil War: Gettysburg Game Overview Cos it's a game 07/03/13 10:43AM 10 Approved
40487 Red Ace Squadron Pro Game Overview Fun arcadey flying 07/03/13 10:39AM 10 Approved
40486 Master of the Skies: The Red Ace Game Overview Arcadey flying fun 07/03/13 10:38AM 10 Approved
40479 Talvisota: Icy Hell Game Overview Blitzkrieg but in Finland 07/03/13 09:52AM 10 Approved
40478 Close Combat: The Longest Day Game Overview Remake of Close Combat: Invasion Normandy 07/03/13 09:49AM 10 Approved
40477 Close Combat: Last Stand Arnhem Game Overview Remake of Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far 07/03/13 09:47AM 10 Approved
40476 Close Combat: Wacht am Rhein Game Overview Remake of Close Combat: The Battle of the Bulge 07/03/13 09:45AM 10 Approved
40473 The Road to Baghdad Game Overview Seventh game in the Close Combat series 07/03/13 09:31AM 10 Approved
40472 Close Combat: RAF Regiment Game Overview Ninth game in the Close Combat series 07/03/13 09:30AM 10 Approved
40469 Close Combat: Cross of Iron Game Overview Remake of Close Combat III: The Russian Front 07/03/13 09:26AM 10 Approved
40464 Which Game Overview Bit good horror game, even if a bit short 07/03/13 09:14AM 10 Approved
40463 Neftelia Game Overview Yume Nikki and Yume 2kki are on here 07/03/13 09:13AM 10 Approved