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An excellent game that will probably go unnoticed 0

I was interested in this game when ACE Team (makers of the weird first-person brawler Zeno Clash) first announced it but it wasn't until Ryan and Patrick did a Quick Look of it on the site that I was sold on it. Describing the game is not a simple task.  I will focus on the War game mode because I did not have enough experience with the Skee Ball mode (refer to GB Quick Look; hint: you're the ball).GameplayIn a War match (singleplayer and multiplayer), the game starts in its tower defense mode. ...

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Alan Wake was well worth the wait 0

Remedy's MasterpieceAlan Wake is definitely well worth at least a single playthrough. It is an experience with few flaws that can be overlooked in comparison with how superb the game is overall.   You'll both hate and love what this place represents by the time you finish the game. I started playing the game on its release date and finished it after 11 hours of psychological thrills dispersed over almost 2 months. The reason for this is how I chose to play it: as a TV series. The game consi...

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alpha protocol still in the alpha stage 3

I was really excited for Alpha Protocol at first and I'm sure I would have been more merciful on it had it come out when it was supposed to. But when you push the release date this much and deliver a product like this, you better hope that your pre-orders don't get canceled. I canceled my pre-order and opted for a much better game.  I'm really happy about my decision to buy Red Dead Redemption instead of Alpha Protocol. I have had nothing but a purely fun time with RDR which can't be said for ...

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Full of Win and Epic 0

I'm about half-way through the single player and so far it's been a very awesome, well paced ride. If you're into the whole action-espionage-thriller genre (think of the Bourne movies or the upcoming Alpha Protocol), then this game is for you. The whole time that you're playing as Sam Fisher, you feel like a bad-ass hunter. Main Conviction gameplay is spread throughout the game in chunks, separated by unique levels.  The reason that I'm only half-way through the game is because the other time I ...

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