I feel like an idiot

Every time it listen to a podcast about people making games in 2 seconds, it makes my efforts to make a simple game in Unity feel like I've been running in circles. Whether it's Idle Thumbs or Sup, Holmes?, the people talking sound like they could literally make Skyrim in 2 days; I, however, can't even make a proper main menu. I've been messing around with PyxelEdit with little success; I've been using GiMP to try and make number textures with little success; I've tried to make a main menu in Unity where the GUI slowly moves left to right when a person presses a button with little to no success.

The worst part of this is that everyone keeps telling me to talk to people about what I should do; yet when I do, the people (who are usually programmers by trade) just assume you're such a dumbass they're surprised you could even figure out how to turn on a computer and use it, let alone talk about what you want to do in a game engine. Whether it's on Unity Answers or StackOverflow, the commenters seem to just not want to help you out. The worst part of this is that it took another person in a separate project I'm working on to help me out, making the previous venues of Q&A relatively obsolete for me; neither of them are (or have been) useful to me in a high percentage of the time.