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Best of 2010

Rxanadu: Best of 2010

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  • It felt like the most immersive game I've played in a while. The universe is extremely interesting, as it strains the lines of reality with its science and lore. It's also one of the few current-gen games I came back for more after I beat it. After looking at my backlog, that's a feat.

  • One of the unsung great games of this year, Alan Wake has the surreal and dark atmosphere you would expect from a Remedy game. What takes me by surprise is that it manages to be eerie and frightening without relying on gore and suggestive themes throughout.

  • Despite the occasional glitch or bug, this game was excellently crafted, and the combat fluid and entertaining throughout. I liked the struggle John Marston went through in order to get his family back. It depicted a cruel, hypocritical take on the Wild West as it was brought into a more "civilized" state, which is a nice change of pace from the typical western.

    Also, riding through the landscape on horseback was amazing. I spent most of my time just riding from place to place as opposed to using the campsite to fast-travel, since, most of the time, riding through the plains opened up more quests and houses for me to buy, which reaped the benefits of more savehouses and ammo caches.

  • This game constantly gets crazier as you go through the game. When the first thing you do is beat up deformed angels on a falling face of a clock tower as some narrator tells the tale of two warring factions, it is automatically defined as awesome.