Best of 2005

I recently flew across the country to attend a wedding. I don't think I like weddings. In 2005, none of my friends were getting married. I liked this because, as I said earlier, I don't think I like weddings. Along with friends not getting married, I graduated high school in 2005. I worked at a video store called Movie Magic. The store went out of business right before I moved to Rohnert Park for college. On one of my last shifts I threw a broom at a cardboard box. I missed the box and the broom broke a small window. I was so scared that I was going to get into trouble that I tried to hide the broken window. That night, however, my conscience got the best of me. I drove back to the store, threw a note in the broken window fessing up to my mistake, and taped the window shut. A few months into college, I drove back to my hometown and partied with an old coworker from Movie Magic. He pulled my confession from the top of his fridge. He thought it was the funniest thing. I don't think I like coworkers.

List items

  • This game was the best action game ever when it was released. It was revolutionary. When this game came out, it was praised for its quick-time events. That is pretty funny to think about. If you tried to look up the president's daughter's skirt, she would scold you.

  • This game was pitched as an open-world with no encounters besides boss fights. I guess that pitch is pretty accurate. There is a moment in this game when you realize that you are the real monster. Most of these colossi are just relaxing and you slay them for selfish reasons. Shadows were hot in 2005 video games. Shadow the Hedgehog came out that year too.

  • Killer7 is a weird game. I noticed a trend of weird and unique games in 2005. That is pretty awesome. Killer7 was a puzzle game on rails. I guess Suda51 has been making games since '93. This was the first time I heard of the weirdo. I've really enjoyed a lot of games he has worked on.

  • In Psychonauts, you play as a circus boy, Raz, who hangs out in people's minds. Since subconsciouses are the locales of most of this game, the levels are unordinary and creative. The story is pretty fun too.

  • A first and third-person spaghetti western. You control a bounty hunter who can control like a leopard if he picks up enough speed. This game also has an unexpected twist in the third act. I think I may pick it up on the Vita and play through it again. Probably a better experience than playing the remake of the Abe game.

  • This hack and slash changed all hacking and slashing. Within the first few minutes, you can rip enemies in half. This game has spectacle. It has panache. You kill gods. It is cool in a very Mortal Kombat-ty way.

  • An Iga Castlevania. The touch controls were dumb, but overall this game is great.

  • The localization of this game was fantastic. The writing was very clever and funny. I was embarrassed to play this game in college. I don't think I like dorm-mates.

  • I got tickets to a SF Giants game in high school for perfect attendance. During the game, I played Lumines. I like this puzzle game. I wonder if the music is actually as good as I remember it being.

  • This game is so stupid. The characters make very dumb noises when they swing their bats. Some of the characters behave in ways that makes no sense. For instance, Goomba runs much faster than any other character when he is holding the ball. It is always faster to run with Goomba than it is to throw the stupid ball. Also, when Goomba is batting, the bat looks like his ding dong. Because of it's idiosyncrasies, this game is a very fun couch competitive experience.