Best of 2006

In 2006, I bought both an Xbox 360 and a Wii. I completed my first year of college at Sonoma State University. I drank a lot of wine and puked on my friend's couch while I was sleeping. I felt absolutely terrible because it was a nice couch. I brought the covers to a laundromat, but I don't think it totally fixed the problem. I will never know if the friend's parents ever found out.

List items

  • I did not play Mother 3 until 2008 when the translation patch was released. However, this is definitely my favorite game that I played which was released in 2006. I played the bulk of this game in a hospital after my appendix was removed. I love this game.

  • This is the game I spent the most time with when I first purchased a Wii. I remember the lights on the christmas tree were messing with the wii sensor bar when I was fighting Ganon. Not my favorite Zelda game, but I definitely really enjoyed it at the time.

  • I had more fun watching my stupid roommate play this game than I did actually playing it. Was the woman who runs up to you asking about "jumbo potatoes" ever a meme? That cracked us up.

  • This game was a pretty big deal in college. There were a few months where it felt like everybody had it. I was always into rhythm games, and people seemed to be more accepting to this than they were to Dance Dance Revolution. After this release the series seemed to spiral out of control, but this entry was definitely an improvement on the original and very fun.

  • Believe it or not, this game is what lead me to buy a 360. I was very into table tennis in 2006, and when I first saw this game, it blew me away. This game seemed to embody what "next gen" meant at the time. The characters looked and moved in a way that felt so real. When there was a long rally, the lights went down and you could hear your character's heart beat.

  • Gears was so cool. I have always loved buff dudes, and the cover mechanics were very fresh and welcome. When I first bought this game, I wanted to demonstrate that the lights on the front of the 360 rotated when you would change the orientation of the system itself. I moved the 360 from a flat position to its side while this game was on. It scratched the disk and rendered it unreadable. I was pretty dumb for doing that.

  • Trauma Center was a great launch game. This game gets downright crazy towards the end. You extract aliens out of people's bodies then bandage the bodies up.

  • Sure. I played through this once, and it was neat.

  • A great arcady racing game. A lot of this game involved changing the level's terrain and collecting stars. There was stock rock-n-roll music that was pretty terrible. I think I remember putting my own soundtrack on an SD card and playing that instead. Was that even possible or is that just a false memory? 2006 was a pretty long time ago.

  • The first entry into the New Super Mario Bros. series. I am pretty sure the main gimmick was that sometimes you could become legend and trounce over everything. The music was fun and you could do a triple jump in a 2D Mario game so that was cool as well.