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Guys. I really like making these lists. Lets see how far back we can take these. So 2009. I was living in Rohnert Park. I bought a kotatsu from some weirdo who lived in Novato and previously worked at Apple. I had a cookie tray that I would throw my laptop on top of so it would not overheat while I streamed episodes of Lost on Netflix. I would sit with my legs under the heated kotatsu playing Forza 3 and streaming Lost from my laptop and legally drinking beer. Those were good and comfy times. I really enjoyed them.

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  • Jeeze I love this game. My roommate would always make fun of it though. He used to call it Unfarted Poo. People can really be rude. Not me. Not in 2015. I am more considerate than ever now.

  • In this game you had a sledgehammer and you could take down huge building with it. You could smash a wall to gain entry into a bunker. It was very fun. I don't think everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. I still highly recommend it.

  • Before CoD was stale. This game was a great improvement on CoD 4. I picked up Advanced Warfare the other day and that is a good game too.

  • I never played this game with a computer companion. The two times I played through it I played couch coop. And jeeze were those sessions fun.

  • This may be the only portable game I finished. I really got into this one. You could buy drugs for low prices and sell them at higher prices. But sometimes it was a bust.

  • This was my first Halo game I owned. It was a good one. The soft jazz was on point. Also there was a hoard mode that was super super fun. They kept this mode in other iterations but I feel like it was best executed here.

  • This game was the first superhero game to not suck. But that is not the only reason why it was good. It was also just good on its own. I should get a thesaurus maybe.

  • Did I spoil this by mentioning it earlier? I would play this game and zone out. I like racing games. Why not?

  • I feel like people were let down by this game. Whatever. It was good. It was a good sequel too.

  • I can't believe a Punch-Out game was released in 2009. The music was awesome and the graphics were very stylized. All the opponents spoke in their native tongue and that was cool too.


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I've seen a lot of lists for best games of 2009, and this is definitely in the top 10 of my top 10 lists list.

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