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Bomb Quest

The new quest system on Giant Bomb has been a fun new addition to an already great website about video games.
I have played around with the quest feature for quite a bit of time now and so far it has been a positive experience for me in regards to the way the quests work and how they have been implemented into the site. I have always been a fan of achievements so this feature is definitely something that interests me so I'll be looking forward to some more quests to be added soon.


The BOMB has dropped!

Well it is an exciting day today because the official GiantBomb website has been launched!

I am happy to be a part of the GiantBomb community from the very beginning when the website was just in blog form to the actual website launched today and I am looking forward to seeing this website grow and become very successful as I'm sure it will be. I want to congratulate Jeff, Ryan, Vinny, Brad and all the people working behind the scenes on the launch of the official GiantBomb website and all the hard work you guys put in to make this site a reality.