My first impressions of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

So I just got done playing Raccoon City for probably 2 1/2 hours or so (1 hour campaign, 1 1/2 multiplayer)and I know a lot of people are on the fence about the game due to the reviews. So here are my first impressions. Know that I am a HUGE Resident Evil fan so that already makes this game a bit better for me personally.  OK here we go. 
First off, the game starts with you fighting a lot of Special Forces, this is not exactly fun. Their A.I is... well lacking to say the least. They tend to just run right by you on occasion and can be really annoying if they catch you in a melee loop. Also the auto-cover system makes this kinda meh also.  It works probably 70% of the time, but sometimes it seems like you should be able to take cover and you just cant.  I haven't had any trouble getting sucked onto walls because you kinda need to be running right at it, but I can see how it can happen. Finally near the end of my first hour I got to start fighting some zombies and ran into a shit ton of lickers. I gotta say this felt pretty tense and I started to enjoy myself.  With the horde of zombies and bow's around, this is what I picture umbrella going through during the Raccoon City incident. 
Lets move on to the combat.  The shooting feels a bit awkward, and it doesn't help that a lot of the guns become really inaccurate if you don't shoot in 3 shot bursts.  I know it seems like this is ok but trust me, it gets kind of annoying especially when your getting swarmed.  Also in cover you sometimes cannot aim which is just utter nonsense. I should also add that I haven't really relied on cover so take that for what you will.  On a positive note the way the side-arm can be handled is quite unique and interesting.  For PS3 if you run out of ammo on a clip you can simply press (and hold)  L2 and your character automatically pulls out their sidearm and aims to the closest target and then you just need to shoot.  You can also control this a bit by pointing the way to aim if the auto lock isn't where you want it. Of course if you just tap L2 you can just switch to the pistol and aim as you please.  Speaking of ammo, you seem to run out.... like a lot and need to scavenge for some.  There tends to be plenty scattered around but in the heat of combat it can be a pain.  There is where melee comes in.  I think its kind of cool much like the side arm stuff, simply press circle and push the left stick where you want to swing.  You have 360 degree control and it has a nice tactile feel to it.  You can also finish enemies off by press X after you have hit an enemy quite a bit. 
Overall the combat feels solid enough, and there are tons of guns and perks to unlock for each specific character. Its not great but it gets the job done. 
Finally multiplayer, my biggest surprise 
I didn't expect to enjoy any of the multiplayer at all, but I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. The 2 modes I played were Survive and Heroes. Survive is when two teams need to head to a heli pad and hold it off until the chopper arrives. What makes it interesting is there are 8 people playing and only 4 seats on the chopper (which gives you a decent xp bonus if you get in)  This leads to the ending of the match to be quite hectic and awesome (and sometimes a bit stupid since it takes a while to climb into the helicopter). Heroes is an interesting take on team deathmatch. Each person starts with a Main hero or villian (Leon, hunk, Claire etc...) and that is the only time the hero is alive.  Once a hero dies that person then turns into one of the generic solider classes to help support their hero and kill the other. Once the 4 heroes on one side are killed the game is over. 
So overall, being a huge Resident Evil fan helps this game a lot (seeing hunters and lickers makes me go nuts because of nostalgia).  Like I said I'm pretty early in but I have had some fun times, but more why the hell did my a.i partner run right into that tripmine times.  Multiplayer seems like it could actually turn out good if they fix some of the connection and lag issues. There is a solid amount of perks and weapons to unlock to keep ya going and if you have friends playing with you in the story or competitive it makes the game much more entertaining. 
So far I'd give the game a 3/5