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@lawgamer: shit.... I can eat home from work today to really put a dent in the game but with your comment I am starting to feel like there is so much more to do in this game. I don't know if I can play 3 huge games all at once and now I'm afraid I may need to put Mass Effect on the "to finish" list now that Persona 5 is out. Man.... if only I hadn't found a switch last weekend.

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God damn I've neeeded this feature for a long time....

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@ll_exile_ll: yeah, your idea is exactly how they should tackle it if they give it another shot. Like I mentioned, I love sential since it's a hybrid between adept and engineer but the powers I was forced to use was annoying. The way you put it, it gives you plenty of freedom without the feeling of "here's everything do whatcha want". I mean that's better than the initial system but looking at my character now, I only have a few passive weapon boosts in combat and the barrier ability. Everything else is in tech and biotics. Hell, I don't even know if passive are working unless I have the correct profile to go with it. But what it saying is it's better to be able to build what you want rather than being restrictive, but some structure would also be nice and most people will probably build their own structure naturally anyway.

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@lawgamer: a Saturday morning cartoon villain is pretty spot on for how I've felt about the Archon. At one point early in the game you get stopped by a huge Kett ship and this dude comes on screen who is supposed to be the Archon... I think? Anyway, I literally did not see a difference in him compared to the other grunts until the end of that transmission when I started seeing everyone talk about him. I think they really were going towards more of an exploration story focus but needed the big baddie in there just for conflict, he just seems so throw away and it's a shame because like you said, Saren and Illusive man are fantastic. Even the reapers themselves were all incredibly menacing and terrifying in their own fucked it, robot way. At the end of Mass Effect 2 when you see the reapers coming for the Milky Way it's a big "Oh, we are FUUUCKED!" moment, If I saw the same exact scene but with Kett ships I would probably just shrug.

I really thought I was farther in the game though. I completed the Asari ark missions and have done 2 or 3 of the loyaltay missions. Currently working on Dracks now and I've already started moving forward on the Tyrian ark stuff. I'm trying to do most of the Loyalty and ark missions, the memories and the helius assignments with the obvious primary missions but I've kinda decided that the additional tasks are hardly worth doing and really don't mean much in terms of story or engaging gameplay. I really wanna beat the game this week so then I only have 2 big games to balance out but from what you've said I don't know if that's gonna happen.

I can definitely see what you mean about the combat though, some of the abilities to overlap but I would guess most people will specialize in one or maybe 2 trees which is diverse enough. I've spend most of my points like I said is space wizardry and Tech which is pretty much the descpetion of the sential class in previous games. What I like though is that I'm not forced to have the specific powers they set up for the sential class, I can take cloak with my throw if I want or have singularity and the flamethrower. Before you didn't have much of a choice as to what powers you could pick based on class alone. I guess I just prefer having all the choices available as opposed to picking a class I liked that specialized in tech and biotics but not being able to cherry pick the specific tech and biotic powers I wanted.

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@ll_exile_ll: @spaceinsomniac: I'm with you guys on enjoying the game but it definitely doesn't touch the OT in terms of quality. I'm finding it harder to go back to now that I finally got Zelda which is really fantastic and Persona on the way. ME2 and 3 were top priority games for me, I basically ignored everything until I beat them but for Andromeda I feel myself being pulled away much easier. I also find myself not just engrossed in the codes like I did for the other games, it's still there but I'm just not as compelled to look at it.

I think I'm getting near the end of the game though, I just found the last two planets with a viability meter so I'm gonna do my best to close the game out this week. The characters are all just fine, nobody really stands out to me. I don't really hate any of them and they all have their moments but I like they need to be a bit more fleshed out or just different in general for me to really start to care for them. The story has been pretty predictable so far and hopefully it ends on a good note but right now I don't really give a shit about the Archon and know next to nothing about him. Maybe they were going for that but it doesn't make him menacing or an intriguing villain at all.

Weirdly enough, other than taking out the squad stuff which was a huge mistake, the gameplay to be is fantastic. Driving the Nomad has its moments, especially on one specific location that I won't spoil. But the actual fighting dudes is super fun and diverse, going from space wizard to tech mastermind in an instant is really great. I respect anyone's on opinions but I definitely had a sour look on my face when Jeff kept saying the combat was still bad, cause it's not, it's some of the best third person shooting to date.

I hope they get another shot, they got the gameplay down, now they just need to make the story and world more interesting. There are blocks to build on from this game that could spout something special, I hope that happens. Also they really need to throw some polish on the game. I've not had any major bugs but when you get some shitty animation glitch during a moment thst is supposed to be stressful or emotional it just destroys the mood entirely.

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Awesome! I got my switch and Zelda last weekend. Still have plenty of game it sounds like so this patch is wonderful timing for me.

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@sinusoidal: that's the beautiful thing. There are SOOOOO many awesome games already this year! And it's March. MARCH!! What is happening video games?

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I remember the trailers "specifically the music from tv spots" to be very off of the serious tone as well. It was more of a "Yeah let's murder space guys" type of vibe compared to what the actual game was made out to be. Oh well, I'm very very curious as to what this game is gonna be. If most of the rumors are true then this could turn out to be the game they wanted the first destiny to be.

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Still playing and enjoying the game. Things that I mentioned that annoyed me still do. I'm feeling the pressure of other games now and I may start limiting some missions that I do. Some of the side quests just seem like busy work which is fine cause it's fun to actually play the game but there ant much story merit to those missions. I may just start hitting the primary missions and secondary/loyalty missions. Those all seem to have the most depth. For anyone whose beaten the game, would I be missing anything special if did this? The problem is I got a switch somehow this weekend so of course I got Zelda and Persona 5 comes out next week. I can juggle 2 massive rpg games but 3? I'm not so sure....