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  • saddlebrown posted a message on the post Nintendo Direct E3 2021.

    The cynicism here is just... boring. Listening to them complain about every release while they're each literally quarantined inside their homes is ridiculous. We've all had to stretch our patience a b...

  • saddlebrown posted a message on the post See You Next Game.

    @turtlefish said:I think the hardest part right now is seeing new releases on the game calendar and going "I can't wait to hear what Vinny has to say about Mass Effect Legendary, or Brad about Ratche...

  • saddlebrown posted a message on the post Episode 311.

    @vinny I never realized until this moment but... is your "number one podcast in the universe" tag a callback alllll the way to when @rich was hosting the HotSpot? He called it the number one podcast o...

  • saddlebrown posted a message on the post 684: Brad's Leaving.

    Wow, I didn’t realize how much this would hit. Undying appreciation for you Alex not only for carrying that torch alone (I cannot imagine) but also just for… you, man. Your sardonicism spoke to my cor...

  • saddlebrown posted a message in the forum topic Ryan Davis, 1979 - 2013. on the Ryan Davis board

    @sub_o: Yo, what’s up?@rorie any way to check on our fellow duder? Just want to make sure they’re OK.