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a triumph for the "games as art" movement, but wont convert those that just want boss fights. 0

Having just completed Inside, there are so many things I wish I could include in this review, unfortunately exposing what really drew me into this game could diminish the artistic effect it has for any potential buyers. I can say that Inside is one of the absolute best "one of those" artistic gaming experiences that started around the release of the developers previous game. The game is much more tightly constructed than its predecessor, every encounter exuding a sense of purpose for the story a...

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A portal to the past that I missed out on 0

Mega Man Legacy Collection is one of the most barebones physical releases I think I've ever seen. This is Mega Man 1-6, and that's all you're getting here. No HD, no 3D, no remix and no enhanced controls. And its fantastic. I had the original gameboy when it came out, but gaming didn't manifest itself in me until i was already grown. I played so few of the old classics that I had attributed the enjoyment of any of them to severe nostalgia. I remember every little moment of Kirby's Dream W...

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