I got me a bike.

I used to dirt jump quite a bit in the good ol' days, but had to give it up as I just had no more time for it. I lost all interest in all that was biking during those lost years until a couple of weeks ago.

I was talking to a guy on my course at university and we got onto the conversation of mountain bikes, I told him that I used to dirt jump but had no more time for it . He then told me that he was selling his dirt jump bike as he had bought a freeride bike and didn't need it anymore. I suddenly found myself saying yes. YES!

So, €300 later and I now have this baby.

 2007 Specialized p1.
 2007 Specialized p1.

I do have brakes but i have to bleed them and I'll probably be looking at shortening the handlebar as it's quite wide.

Can't wait to try it out this summer, yo!