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17752 Dragon Age: Inquisition Game Added Dorian's voice actor 09/14/18 03:38PM 2 approved
17751 Need for Speed Payback Game For some reason, some categories and some descriptions didn't take when I added them in the first go. Fixing. 09/14/18 03:32PM 6 approved
17750 Mass Effect: Andromeda Game Added a voice actor. 09/14/18 03:30PM 2 approved
17742 Need for Speed Payback Game Adding some credits to NFS Payback. Mostly voice actors. 09/14/18 02:16PM 74 approved
17468 Oxenfree Game Fixed missing categories on two voice actors in credits. Added which role another voice actor played. 09/12/18 03:04PM 6 approved
17132 The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series - A New Frontier Game Misspelling of character name in credits 09/08/18 02:54PM 2 approved
17108 Oxenfree Game Added voice actors 09/08/18 01:44AM 36 approved
17028 The Walking Dead: Season Two Game Adding in the writers of the different episodes to the credits section. Had to create a new entry for one of them. 09/07/18 11:45AM 18 approved
16891 Sean Vanaman Person Updating a bit 09/06/18 01:58PM 30 approved