My Play History

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  • 2/5 I really hate the way this game plays. The control is shit and the way the colossus are designed means once you've figured out the trick to beating it it's just a fight against the controls to actually achieve it. The open world, music, and story are all beautiful but it's wasted on the shit controls.

  • 5/5 Coming in after all the content had been added was a bit overwhelming but working through the story was a great way to experience the levels.

  • 5/5 More of the first game with small improvements. Disappointing that the cut-scenes aren't fully animated but the story is still well told and acted.

  • 4/5 One of my favorite racing game by far but it has some dated aspects now. The catch up AI is uninteresting. AI races are uninspired. Online is still great, such creative challenges. Super fun open world to explore.

  • 5/5 The art style coupled with the dynamic soundtrack creates an amazing style. The presentation of each level as a Jazz record is a great framework. The moment to moment action and control is great as well. It's on the fly strategy, constantly trying to decide if you want to grab and throw try to get shots of or just run. The procedural generation of levels is really subtle and well done. It changes levels enough to prevent memorization but you never feel like you've been dealt a bad hand of a level.

  • 5/5 Puzzle game well tuned to my skill level. Tight and simple control with quick retries on failed levels. Clean and pristine visual with a beautiful piano soundtrack.

  • 5/5 This story is completely nuts in a good way.

  • 4/5 I got burnt out on this by the end but It was my first souls game and I had a lot of fun with it. Story wasn't worth the effort it wants you to put in to actually learn what's going on.

  • 3/5 Big vibes. Great vibes. I wish I hadn't played a persona so close to this. Unlike person the side stuff doesn't effect anything it's just best to do whatever you feel like. No point in min max just have fun.

  • 3/5 I had such high hopes but in the end it was a bit of a disappointment. No rewind, no race replay, no rally races. It looks and sounds great. The donut story mode is well acted and got me into their channel but the game is just flat. Such a great, fun base wasted with boring content.