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Style and Control Mix for Big Rewards 0

As Furi first starts it feels like it’s going to be all about style. The world is a cell-shaded dream of rich purples, reds, and blues. The first characters you see are sleek, mysterious, seemingly anime inspired warriors, yet as soon the first battle begins it becomes clear that this world doesn’t just look great, this world feels great. Furi is the perfect balance of style and substance that few games even attempt to strike and even fewer achieve.Your only friend in this world may ...

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Just Run 0

When the original Mirror's Edge was released in 2008 it was the realization of a then novel idea; first person action centered on traversal instead of combat. The days of every blockbuster game being a World War II shooter were about to fizzle out and modern military shooters were about to take the reins of the first person perspective.For some, Mirror’s Edge was a beacon of light sent to stop this militaristic gaming future. Something they would be able to hold up and say “Hey! Game...

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Tinker with some Teriffically Tricky Towers 0

I have been accidentally referring to Tricky Towers as “Tumble-y Towers” since its debut as a free PSN Plus game for the month of August. No, “tumble-y” is not a word but if it was it would describe these titular towers terrifically. At any moment they may tumble, crushing your dreams while giving your friends a joyous laugh until moments later when their own towers comes crashing down under the ever spiteful will of digital gravity. This is where the fun comes from with ...

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