I Thought... (Election topic)

I was wrong.

I thought America would laugh at the idea of a reality TV show host becoming the president.

I thought that Bernie was the outsider we could believe in.

I thought that Hillary was clever enough not to blow it.

I thought (some) Republicans would have the balls not to support a monster.

I thought telling blatant lies was a black mark on your character.

I thought presidential candidates were supposed to have a plan.

I thought the fact that he was a bad businessman would put off conservatives.

I thought multiple marriages and affairs would offend religious people.

I thought the KKK’s seal of approval was a death sentence.

I thought “grab em by the pussy” was the last straw.

I thought going on trial for child rape would be a bigger deal.

I thought white America didn’t hate us this much.

I thought we were better than this.

I was wrong.