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Clearing off the 2017 Backlog 0

Wolfenstein 2 is a confounding game in many ways. It struggles where plenty of games have succeeded, succeeds where most developers wouldn’t dare tread.Gunning down hundreds and hundreds of Nazis, turning their hate-filled bodies into bloody bits of viscera, shouldn’t feel so timely or cathartic, but this is where we are in 2018. Many euphemisms have been thrown out there as to how we got here, avoiding the obvious truth that traces society’s path from “problematic, but ...

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An Improbable Game of the Year Contender 0

Even after playing over fifty hours of Horizon: Zero Dawn, I still can’t believe Guerilla Games were capable of making something like this. There was no good reason too, really. The Killzone franchise had its moments, but the only thing anyone remembers about those games is how incredibly brown they were. You could’ve convinced me pretty easily that the creative heads of the studio had never heard of the color wheel, let alone seen any of these hues with their own eyes. But hey, it ...

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Danger Zone is a Bummer 0

The concept behind Danger Zone is full of promise. The game’s sales pitch is simple: It’s the crash mode from the classic Burnout franchise, extracted and recreated by a studio founded by former heads of Criterion gone independent. The latest game from Ex-Criterion offshoot Three Fields Entertainment takes place in a bare-bones warehouse where you attempt to drive your car into as many other vehicles as possible, racking up points as the explosions multiply throughout the space. The ...

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A Really Good Game With Frustrating Defiencies 0

FIFA 17 leaves me feeling very conflicted. The game plays really well. For the first time in a couple years, developer EA Canada has finally made some useful advancements in the gameplay. The improved attacking AI leads to more fluid attacking moves across the board. The general pace of play carries a greater resemblance to its real-life counterpart than it ever has. Holding down the run button to burst past lumbering defenders isn’t the superpower it has been in previous iterations. The ...

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Rez Infinite Review 0

I’ve loved Rez from the moment I first played it a few years ago. I had no idea the game existed during its initial life as a PS2 and Dreamcast release; coverage of more obscure and experimental games was less prominent and less interesting to me as a kid. But when the game came back around on the Xbox 360, I downloaded the game on the recommendation of an episode of the seminal 1UP Show (R.I.P) and was completely blown away. Everything about it seemed like the coolest thing ever made. The...

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Severed Review 0

Severed is the story of a young girl named Sasha, whose home has been destroyed and her family taken by an angry beast. On top of the sudden upending of her life, Sasha has had her left arm cut off during the fracas. Upon discovering the status of your arms, a looming, spectral figure rises from the floor and hands you a sword. This being explains that while this world resembles your own, it is not truly home, but a shadow world where the thing that took family reigns supreme. But if you can fi...

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Downwell Review 0

Downwell is a game that offers much more than meets the eye. On its face, this game looks pretty simple. You control a nameless character, swiftly and unflinchingly traversing down a well, killing anything in your way with the help of your trusty gunboots and bouncing off of enemies.That’s basically all the game gives you at the outset. But the game’s simpler, retro aesthetic belies a level of depth and intelligence to Downwell’s design. The game has no tutorials to ease you in...

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Oxenfree Review 0

Oxenfree isn’t much of a “game”, but its strong characters and spooky vibe are well worth seeing through to the end.You play as Alex, a bright, blue haired high school student who joins a group of friends on a night trip to a local island to drink and party. All hopes for a fun night on the beach quickly fade as Alex inadvertently awakens a supernatural force that puts the group’s lives in peril. Over the course of the night, You must help Alex and her friends get through...

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OlliOlli – Skate and Die (a lot) 0

Skateboarding has had an intermittent presence in video games. Activision’s Tony Hawk series was revolutionary at first, but was run into the ground by the need for annual releases and a lack of new ideas. EA’s Skate series pushed the genre in a more realistic direction, providing a less fantastical alternative to the Tony Hawk games. But with both series petering out over the couple years, the skateboarding game looked to be a relic of a previous console generation. But Roll7&rsquo...

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