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I strongly agree with your post, i didn't play any mass effect game before so i had nothing to expect, and i actually enjoyed Fall out 3 A lot, it was fun. But this game wasn't really that enjoyable, for some reason i just paused midway in the game then started remembering the sequence in halo 1 when you discover that squad that got killed by those little creatures and you take the video recording and watch it off a soldiers helmet..

Anyway, i wouldn't buy this game, sure go for it if you like Multiplayer, for me it has no appeal listening to children flaming and yelling at each other, the single player story was really dull 'commander shepered' 'shepered'... Didn't finish it and doubt i will, and to be honest comparing the 'fun' experience in this game to others.. Games like hitman blood money, mgs2, splinter cell 1, tomb raider 2, assassins creed 1 AND DEUS ex HR, Dead space 1-2.. Are so much more enjoyable.. This game is just boring. Sorry if this offends any one!.

Things they could add:

-Ability to crouch, actual space flight not just 2d screen.. Its 2012, they have the money to create it so why didn't they make a space flight similar graphics like black prophecy? (f2p MMORPG).. I want a game where you can do space flight + good 3d quality + land + crash on planets, + land on space ships.. Just a full immense interactive world!.

-Remove the 'call of duty' style shooting, countless enemies keep launching in for TO LONG and they gota die faster.

Also, its not that i just ignore the slow pace, its boring, not very entertaining, and to be honest i just put the game in window mode and watched youtube videos during the long unskipable cut scenes, rest i'd just mostly press space after few seconds, i'd know what the story is about but its to long.. Comparing this game to Deus EX HR is an assault to video game design..

Also, the game got leaked many days before it was even released! Registered just to post :)