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@hunter5024: I gave up on Spider-Man after 3 terrible films in a row.

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As a nearly lifelong Marvel fan and also an MCU fan I find nothing but joy in this.

I do think it is incredibly strange (no pun intended) how many people have come out of the woodwork to complain about Cumberbatch's potential (as its not exactly finalized yet) casting. I think he's a fantastic actor of stage and screen but out of nowhere people suddenly think he's talentless? Lame.

I am a little tickled that my #1 choices for Doctor Strange and Black Panther casting were chosen...this only means that they need to get Katee Sackhoff for Captain Marvel.

I expect Civil War won't be about registering Super Heroes...there aren't enough characters in the MCU to pull this off, let alone characters with alter egos like Spider-Man. Daredevil will really be the first superhero in the MCU with an actual alter ego and I'm fairly certain he's not going to be part of Civil War, but who knows. I think Tony will see a vision from Wanda (Scarlet Witch), which will be the scene with Cap's broken shield, and its going to show him that the heroes fell because Tony and other powered people. He will think the only way to combat this is to potentially do something similar to what was going to be done in Winter Soldier. Tony thinks its going to be necessary to find and register "powered" individuals before they are a potential threat or simply take them out before they are. Spider-Man unmasking and changing sides isn't the only milestone moment in Civil War as I think "Clor" is a pretty big deal as well as others.

No matter what, there are tons of places this series can go. Not to mention two of my favorite villains are about to be on the big screen in a big way: Ultron and Thanos. I'm also super interested to see how Sebastian Stan fits into all this.

I also don't see the general malaise of some in the comments. Super hero films aren't a genre, they are a subgenre. No one complains about a new sci-fi/action/rom-com/etc when they are released. 2, more than likely, decent superhero films a year isn't too much. If you don't want to see them then don't, but lets not act like there's 5 superhero movies every month.

@jakob187 The Civil War we're getting isn't the comics Civil War, so we should stop judging the film on what happened in the comics. I seriously doubt Marvel make potentially billion dollar decisions on a photoshopped image some doof put online for hits. That's the epitome of conspiracy theory.

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@yummylee: blame the devs not the hardware...

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@conmulligan: not to mention Knack is not really anywhere near a good game

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Not a big deal.

Kaceytron hardest hit.

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I am actually getting pretty over Brianna Wu. She was incredibly hostile that entire interview and even accused the interviewer of making the interview a "hit piece" against her. When he tried to defend himself she then told him he was making a monologue about it and she even continued to dodge questions throughout. She comes off poorly in most of the interview. Not to mention, every single instance she's given a soapbox in the press she seems to bring up GiantBomb in a negative way, so she clearly has a chip on her shoulder. With as much as she seems to hate the site and its herterosexual, white males I am surprised she actually came on the board a while back.

When the interviewer stated the facts that 90% of the tweets relating to, or are directed to, her are neutral and 3-4% are positive. Only 6-9% were "negative" (not sure what is included there) and then she accuses him of not believing she received threats and stuff. I have no idea why she dodged everything and was hostile. Great interviewer, poor interview.

I also don't like the movement that a site has to hire specific people or else they are somehow bigoted. That's a very dangerous and ignorant line of thinking. Like other commenters have said, this thread will end up getting locked quickly for one reason or another, so its kind of pointless to even discuss or talk about it. Even TotalBiscuit can be seen bringing up the same criticisms of Brianna Wu's words in the comments of the video.

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I prefer to consider myself a humanist since that should be the goal of everyone looking for equality as issues vary by cultures around the globe. I find that sticking to specific identifiers like "feminist" means so many different things these days, many negative with things like 3rd wave feminism, that's either to disassociate myself with the descriptor. I think you can easily find yourself backed into a corner on many topics because you narrow yourself to one specific problem.

@bargainben I think I pointed out why I, personally, wouldn't label myself a feminist. Humanist is the better, all encompassing, way to go about it but that's my personal opinion.

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Honestly, anything is art if you call it art.

I just ended this discussion that's been the eye rolling topic of videos for about a decade now.

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That video games are largely "for men" and characters are designed "for men". Last I checked all these women cosplaying the scantily clad characters at conventions say they love them and that they are stuff they enjoy, so that can't be true. Look how fast a cosplay goes up for a character when the first screens or concept art goes up. I agree there are tons of seemingly design for men characters out there, but I'm largely told by women that they like those

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@superfriend You have to look at it from a historical perspective. How many systems that have had positive sales and word of mouth drop prices as much as this system has and this quickly?