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Anyone who didn't see this coming didn't think about it very much. Dark Horse's licensing contract was up and it only makes business sense when you own a comic book publisher to have them put the books out. They can still get the same talent to work on books and even have newer talent to work on them too. Far too early to claim this is good or bad until stuff starts coming out.

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@trafalgarlaw: My conjecture is just as valid as yours :D I don't, however, immediately assume someone isn't just irresponsible/bad with money as the majority of people are.

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Some people have far too much money than they deserve. Steam badges are both incredibly brilliant and disgusting all at the same time.

I also call bullshit on Patrick flipping every steam card for $.30 as most of them around $.10-.15 at most until you get into some games that not as many people bought/played and getting foil cards is extremely rare.

I own 250 games...not sure how many I have actually played. The number can be bloated, however, by counting expansion packs for same games as separate titles (like in Civ IV) or even counting Mac versions as separate titles. I bet I really have more like 230-235.

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I will say it does a better job of handling pedestrian dialogue. That was always the thing that annoyed the piss out of me in any open world game was how every single person walking around just yells the dumbest stuff for no reason at all and it repeats. GTA V does a better job of this. You get away with a lot more violent crime before the cops are "called" and in general you can kill tons of people before there are any consequences.

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@fisk0: I would disagree and I would offer my "casual" gamer wife as proof. She does plenty of content and exploring on her own. She's into the crafting stuff just as a thing to do, she's into getting achievements, she's into story stuff with the Trolls (her favorite race), and other stuff. There are story things, they just don't make up the bulk of the content. I would argue that many of those MMOs you listed aren't exactly friendly to casual players, especially EQ. SWTOR is just a single player game bloated by the mmo mold. I think there's a reason why 7-8 million + people still have active WoW accounts.

I used to get aggravated with my wife when we were dating because she really liked Runescape; it hurt me as a gamer that she played that and I offered to pay for her WoW account for a really long time. She finally got into it about the time we got married and she's still active and when she doesn't do casual raiding (once a week, I think). Raiding isn't even a hardcore thing in WoW anymore with as simple and dumbed down as it is.

Just my opinion, obviously. I've tried to get into Rift, Eve, Defiance, SWTOR, DnDO, LotRO, Guild Wars 2, FFXI, and more and I still think WoW just offers a better overall experience for casual and hardcore gamers even if the formula is old, but as I stated I played from beta through to weeks into Cataclysm and I hardcore raided for years straight until I was burned out on it being a second job :p

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I am pretty partial to the Motorbike quicklook as well as Wheel of Fortune/Jeopardy (where Braid from Double Fine guests).

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I am to the point where I hate WoW. I played it from beta up until 2 weeks into Cata and then I took a break until Panderia and then stopped playing that about 4 months after launch. That being said the only real answer is World of Warcraft. There are plenty of good MMOs out there, if that genre is your bag, but WoW has the most polish and content for your time. I don't regret all the time I put into it and my wife really likes it (she's only played for about 3 years) but I seriously doubt I will ever go back to it.

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@friendlyphoenix: What changes do you think were for the better? I found the game, even the story and characters, to be pretty bland and boring. Going through every dungeon seemed to be more of a chore than anything else.

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Congratulations! I love the game but have always found it hard to stick with it...which is totally my fault. I am hoping that when Dark Souls 2 comes out that I can stick with it for the long haul.

Honestly, I wish there was a PS4 port of BOTH dark souls and dark souls 2.