2012 Games of Note

This list is to help me remember games that I really enjoyed and what my exact reaction was to the games of 2012...mostly to help me remember in December (crap that rhymed).

List items

  • Beautiful, sometimes haunting, and always enjoyable. Journey is absolutely amazing and is possible the best game on any system that you can download.

  • Fun but disappointing. A game that seems to be released because they need to and not because it was necessarily done. Sadly, as Mass Effect 2 blew my mind and made me change the way I thought about games...ME3 does not. There are so awesome ME moments, but overall I do not think it ends well enough to convey exactly how you played up to that point.

  • Side scrolling shooter in the vein of Contra but I find the game to be incredibly bland and I also do not like the controls.

  • Cute puzzle adventure game. Drags heavily in the middle of the game but still fun.

  • Good contrast with Silent Hill HD as to why this series is not failing at every new iteration. Akira Yamaoka's departure and the move to a Western studio has killed any ounce of creativity this franchise had left.

  • Really fun portable SOCOM style game, minus the terrible controls. Missions are bite sized and scored, so there is high re-playability. Online co-op and leader boards extend the play and the game also features persistently leveling characters with weapon and item unlocks.

  • Uncharted 1, basically, in handheld format. Fine launch game but I hope this isn't the direction the series is going in now.

  • Not being negative, but it is Lumines...which means it is great. No real divergence from past Lumines games, but it is the best one since Lumines 2 on the PSP.

  • Odd title...doesn't especially feel like Wipeout, but it is still mostly enjoyable. Combat centric events and poorly executed multiplayer drag the title down.

  • Weird title...I'm not a fan of the controls or the isometric perspective of the track. Full disclosure, Sony offered this for free to PS Vita owners upon its launch.

  • Not reaklly GotY material, but reminded me why I loved this game on 360. The graphics on PC are absolutely gorgeous and blow the 360 version away.

  • Extremely combat focused mini adventure for Alan Wake. I enjoyed it, but I feel it is too focused on combat. As with Uncharted: Golden Abyss, I hope this isn't a hint at where the series is going for future installments.

  • Fun title but one that I stopped playing because of the ease of EVERYTHING in this game...too many side quests and enemies are consistently too easy. The combat is fun, albeit extremely simple, but when you are mowing through hundreds of enemies without even flinching there is a problem. Supposed to patch difficulty but almost 2 months in and no official word. Main quest and factions are good but side quests ARE NOT.

  • eh...was OK but didn't reclaim the magic I experienced playing NFL Blitz 2000 on Dreamcast.

  • Fun space combat game on STEAM. Reminds me of a newer budget version of Wing Commander.

  • Decent fun that is a good port for consoles. Also includes the JP Rom, which is fun to play.

  • Fun game...better combat and darkness interaction than the first but story is much weaker and so is the darkness as a character. Ending concludes the main story but still strongly sets up for sequel.

  • I found the balance to be a little off as you can create a character who is close to invincible if you can handle not zip lining and flying around. Other than that it is a competent team based objective shooter.

  • Calling Asura's Wrath a video game is pushing it as you barely interact with the game over its 6-8 hours. You can't even fail quick time events.

  • Vita version. its PvZ and its fun. touch controls work well but overall nothing we haven't seen since its first release on PC years ago.

  • Great game with a great art style. Puzzle platformer. Biggest gripe is the motion controls can be frustrating and feel cheap in parts.

  • Fun little diversion that is, mostly, free of charge on PC. I enjoyed what I played and I will attempt to go back to it.

  • Great, great, great game that expounds upon the original. More MOBA than before, I really dig the new MNC.