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My Elementary School Review of Dead Space 2 0

Dead Space 2 is a good game. It is the sequel to a game called Dead Space. These games are scary. You have to shoot  monsters and try to not be killed by the monsters.  Sometimes you are in space.       Sometimes you pick up things. These things are called items. The items are things like more bullets for your guns and medicine to make you live more. You can also pick up boxes and other things. When you pick them up you can move them. Sometimes you move things so they are not in your way.  Sh...

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This game is fun 0

 This lady is in the game. Bulletstorm is a fun game. It's also really pretty. There's a big Godzilla dinosaur you get to fight with a helicopter. That's a pretty NEAT part. I like that you can slide into dudes then leash them then kick them then shoot them while they are in the air. And their bodies can land on a cactus. Then the BLOOD comes out. That part is fun. The people in this game say the work "dick" a lot. That's funny. They also talk about murder a lot. MURDER. Which is cool, I gues...

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