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She's been run down by the man for too long.

She's hitting the streets and playing for keeps.

and she knows the score! 

She's sick and tired of taking your sniveling, whiny shit.

She will stand for it no longer.

She is the Executive VP of Sales & Marketing of Nintendo America and...


Cammie Dunaway.  Relaxing At Home.
Cammie Dunaway.  Relaxing At Home.

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  • This entry is an obvious and cheap ploy to garner more hits to this page riding on the back of the Giant Bomb E3 interview with her. The real list begins below, After having watched said interview she doesn't seem like a vindictive or violent person in any way and now I just feel bad, especially about the last entry.

  • The day Cammie Dunaway learned that she would be working at Nintendo she was blithe, cheerful, she was happy until you took it away. You stole her smile.

  • The one person that may understand Cammie better than she does, is Roberta Williams. Roberta understands what it's like trying to deal with video game fans, literately sludge that has taken human form, for countless, tiring years. Roberta will teach Cammie how to block and deflect the pestilent bile that a Nintendo “fanboy” will invariably spew forth. And to aid her in your desolation what better tool than a demon head ripping sim...

  • Cammie Dunaway has been studying this documentary of murder, torture and mutilation techniques for the past 3 years.

  • “Is violence natural to Man?” Cammie never thought she'd have ask this question. Especially of herself but this is what you have brought her to. I hope you're proud.

  • If she wants to tell you about her fucking winter vacation, She will tell you about her fucking winter vacation. And you'll sit there and simper like the idiot you are.

  • Cammie Dunaway has to be intimately familiar with this concept if she is going to do what needs to be done.

  • Yes! Just a straight up rake . I don't know how but Cammie Dunaway is going to kill you with a rake.

  • Cammie will rip them out and feed them to your...

  • ...and then, I don't know she'll kill that too I suppose.

  • Some say it's overkill, Some say that attack helicopters are unreliable. It doesn't matter to Cammie, even if you and your North Vietnamese village manage to survive the rocket bombardment and shoot her down, she'll just kamikaze the chopper into you. Thats right Cammie will play on two racial stereotypes just to kill you.

  • Because hey, You gotta do something after the killing right?