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Good Reasons Women Should Be Terrified Of Videogames.

Women have enough crap to deal with in their everyday life like listing to their co-workers complain incessantly, Having to be the responsible one, Doing all the bullshit chores and me constantly leering at them.
This one goes out to you, the ladies who have somehow stumbled upon this horrific page and why you should leave and never come back.(for your own good of course)

List items

  • Even from the very beginning video games have essentially hated women.

  • Video games either assume your a high pitched git with an explosive nitrogen payload for a brain or your...

  • ...a small childlike girl that we surreptitiously want to have sex with.(a small aside ,this game was made by Enix, yeah think about that.)

  • Sure you're the only one who can fly that route with all your instruments down while taking enemy flak, but you're sick of being the feisty Latino space marine stereotype dammit.

  • So they're the two choices? Maybe the developers think that all of a woman's daily decisions are based on life or death scenarios, “Eat breakfast or die!, Tie my shoelaces or die! Do you care to engage in fellatio with me tonight? No? Well then die!”

  • When a lady becomes a bad guy it's not because the hero has somehow wrong her and she's looking for a paltry sum of revenge, or that she believes what she is doing is justified. it's because she wants to have sex with the video game player. And we want to have sex with her likewise.

  • For yourself just go have a look at the games contained in that page, it's OK I'll wait... done? Yeah that's what video game developers think you want to play. Metal has a melting point of 1,535c or so but it begins to buckle at a meager 700c, Most modern corporate head quarters office buildings are made from glass & steel. Now I'm not saying that you drive to Ubisoft HQ, park your car in front of the door blocking any possible escape and fire bomb the place that would be irresponsible of me and I could be liable.

  • Ubisoft's international Head offices are located at beautiful Montreuil-Sous-Bois. If you see the post office you've gone too far.