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People Who Should Be Crushed By A Cargo Container.

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  • He's just gotta go.

  • Enough! O.K? enough....

  • I mean i don't want to see him all the way dead, maybe just pulverize his leg or something but he must answer for Street Fighter:The Movie:The Game.

  • I've become bored of saving her.

  • God it's hard to see them be crushed so throughly, but that last boss battle.. ugh! It is an endless cycle of death and revival and the only way to stop it is to splatter Danny Aykroyd under a big metal box, I know. I'm sorry.

  • I cannot think of a more humane form of euthanasia.

  • Yeah he can go too.

  • Yes the whole thing. I understand the it's a logistical nightmare but we all know it's for the best.

  • Well because he is SATAN, and SATAN should be destroyed right? I mean I don't think I'm saying anything shocking in that the progenitor of all that is wrong and evil in the world deserves to be smashed to death by a shipping container falling at terminal velocity.

  • Stop trying to nickel and dime, you sons a bitches just let me fight Vader and Yoda.

  • Speaking of which.

  • Did you see that "thing" in episode one? Ragggh. Arggh!

  • Your "skull" is under that hoisted crate Fiddy.

  • It's probably easier if I have my head partially crushed, and hope to remember only the first movie.

  • I'm old enough to where I should be able to really appreciate them, but I just can't seem to get there. Now I'm not sure if it were to be in bad taste to make a joke involving digging up dead people in order for them to be crushed. So I'll air on the side of caution.

  • Great site and all man, but the things you said about Shenmue... I feel kinda bad about this one.

  • "Oh what's this? Oh my that... um, oh that's sexy... Oh no wait what's that thing doing to her!?" CRUSH IT! CRUSH IT NOW!

  • I asked my mom to install this game for me and then when i went to play it I said "Hey Mom you installed StarCraft 1 by accident." then she said "NO I didn't." Then we all had a good laugh.

  • Release it or don't I don't give a fuck... No wait.

  • Thanks for wasting my time.

  • Lets face it, they will just keep making the same three games over and over. Until the the end of time or until they are crushed.

  • I actually don't want this game crushed dead but I couldn't find the "You bastards that didn't buy it" option in the search bar.

  • We've killed them in so many different ways already. Why not shipping containers?

  • You say Beyond Good & Evil might not come out. I say SHIPPING CONTAINER TO THE FACE!

  • How dare you trick me into thinking quality TV translates into quality video game.

  • Because when he is out of the scene it means I can finalize my plans to marry Cammie Dunaway.. He's married to Cammie Dunaway right?