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Sanaj: Best of 2011

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  • Safe to say that the PS3 version isn't what I'm talking about here. Exploration of the world is the driving force for me in this game. Thankfully they've ditched the leveling system from Oblivion. The character perk influence from Fallout helps keep the character building accessible without feeling trivialized.

  • The single player campaign - The puzzles weren't overly frustrating. It's a bit easy but very well designed. Wheatley is amazing.

  • The motion controls are actually meaningful to how you approach the combat. The beetle is amazing.

  • Do yourself a favour and ignore the story and the poorly designed last boss fight. The main stages, rival battles and the first three boss fights are actually quite well done and fun to play. Also, there are quite a few interesting side missions to play through (and a few complete flops). Stage time trials and the one minute challenge(how far into the stage can you get in 1 min) feed in to leaderboards smartly.

  • Great soundtrack, interesting narrator and unique weapons. I preferred the army carbine and the pike. Nice art, colour palette and a great story.

  • Traversal of the environment feels great and the combat system still flows well. However, is Batman more of a jerk than he was in Arkham Asylum?

  • I mainly used the Plasma Cutter and the Ripper. I only upgraded the line gun in case of a return of the grasping tentacles from the first game. Not sure if I prefer this game or not. Dead Space 2 is definitely more of a straight action game. I found Nicole to be quite grating this time round.

  • Stuck at Chapter 11 - Raiders of the Lost Ruins. An inventive and flexible system for casting spells. Make sure to find the Grease spell in the first chapter.

  • The Buzzsaw is my favourite weapon in the game. There is a unique and tactile feel to the ship's grasping arm. Exploring the world is actually interesting. The art style definitely helps this game stand out.

  • Black version. Played and enjoyed Pokemon Red and Sapphire before this one. Please keep your spreadsheets away from me.

  • It's more of a racing game than a tower defense game. Also, you control an anthropomorphic boulder. Enough said.

  • A challenging puzzle game with charming music, a great aesthetic and gravity defying design.

  • This game probably doesn't hold up for people who are serious about rogue-likes. In fact if you are one of those people, then please stop reading this list now.

  • No other game can make me feel as bad about losing dots on a map. Or make me want to re-plan everything if a rescue goes poorly.

  • Buffer full. Bomb Ready. Signal Lost. -- A great new dual joystick shooter with a good sense of style.