Favourite games. Not in order.

This is a list of my favourite games. It can include expansions.

It is not a ranked list. Number 1 is not the highest or the lowest.

List items

  • Strong characters, an interesting world and a good story. The game does use cameras actually really well. The combat is fairly simple and accessible with AI partner assists. However, the combat really isn't that strong and I can see why it's criticized. Still unless you must play a punishing game I highly recommend it.

  • Sonic 2 is the last of the great Sonic games. This is one of my favourite platformer games. Tails is kind of helpful when he isn't dying repeatedly.

  • I think Portal was the right length. This game does a great job of slowly introducing the necessary mechanics. I love the dark sense of humour. It is simply incredibly fun to play.

  • Yes, I played Ocarina of Time first. However, the cell shaded art style and the creation of a unique Zelda world makes this game withstand the test of time.

  • A move towards a smaller unit count and hero units wasn't liked by some and I can respect that. However, for me the shift to a smaller scale helped keep the game from feeling stale. The hero's abilities are simple and easy to control after some experience in skirmish or in the single player campaign.

  • Atmosphere is definitely Bioshock's strong point. Discovering the environment of Rapture and your character are main points of interest. Shooting is not the most precise in this game, it handles well enough though. However, when combined with the plasmids it makes for an interesting combat experience.

  • Starlight zone music still stays with me to this day. One of my favourite Sonic games and it is also one of my favourite platformer games. You can say what you want Sega, but to me the villain is still Dr. Robotnik.

  • The Night Elf campaign is the weakest part of the single player campaign. It's more Warcraft III, which is a good thing. The cinematics in Warcraft III and TFT are the best that Blizzard has done for any of their games so far.

  • My favourite Mario game ever. This is one of my favourite platformer games. The raccoon suit is my second favourite power-up, and of course there is kuribo's shoe.

  • One of the best examples of linear storytelling in a game. If you can't appreciate the way it handles in game cut-scenes, then I have no idea what else to say.

  • A tightened version that delivers more of what made Half-Life 2 great, with better pacing.

  • A game that is actually funny. Interesting characters, concepts and story. Controls for the 3d platforming are a bit unusual and take some getting used to. Difficulty curve is really weird. Still worth it for the characters and sense of humour.

  • Between Starcraft and the smaller focused Dawn of War II is this game. You still control squads, but you can still build bases and a lot of units. It's much more manageable because it's squad based and you can reinforce squads in the field when you have enough requisition points. An interesting "serious" single player campaign.

  • A game that makes you feel alone. The wasteland is a hostile and usually barren location. Exploring the world is interesting and satisfying. However, this game isn't without a fair share of glitches. Luckily, I played it about a year after it's release so for me the glitches were pretty minor. I didn't really have a problems with the game's ending. I thought that it was well telegraphed in advance. -- My DLC picks are Broken Steel and Point Lookout.

  • You are the Batman. This is the only game I've played where stealth and action are well balanced. Also, the stealth doesn't feel like a chore. The combat is visceral and flows well into different combos. Batman's detective vision is essential for completing the Riddler challenges and finding the other collectibles. These elements combine to really help flesh out the contained environment of Arkham.

  • An interesting and inventive puzzle game. Use goo balls to make towers, bridges and other structures to reach the pipe with a set numbers of goo balls remaining. Different types of goo balls with different build properties help keep the game interesting.

  • Finally, a fantasy RPG that has choices that aren't just black or white. Writing and characterization are definitely the strengths of Dragon Age. Combat requires occasional pausing the game and queuing up moves for your four characters. You can switch between controlling any of the four characters in your party on the fly. Your main character's origin story definitely helped start the game on a strong note.

  • An RTS game scaled down to controlling three squads of units in the campaign. It's heavily cover based, micromanagement of the squads is essential. The squad leaders gain level specific abilities and gear that can be customized on the ship between missions. During missions the squads can be reinforced by returning to captured beacons. Everyone is so serious, it's great, especially with the nonsense going on.

  • This expansion delivers more of what made Dawn of War II great. The story seems improved when compared to the campaign from Dawn of War II. A corruption system adds an interesting twist to completing missions. Expansion adds a higher character level cap, new abilities to unlock and much better gear to find. --Imports your save from Dawn of War II. Abilities can be reset at the beginning of the campaign for free.

  • It's... very elaborate. Chie Satonaka, Yukiko Amagi and Naoto Shirogane were my choices for my team. Naoto replaced Yosuke Hanamura.

  • "The Answer" is the expansion story that follows after the main game "The Journey". I don't recommend playing "The Answer" as it takes too much grinding for very little story payoff. There are more challenging boss fights, but you could just watch the cut-scenes on YouTube. If you have a PSP, play Persona 3 Portable as the female protagonist instead of "The Answer".

  • Finally finished Mass Effect 1. I can now say I don't know what I was thinking stopping a few hours in almost 2 years ago.

  • Finished Mass Effect 2 and Mordin Solus is amazing. The loyalty missions and the research upgrades were a great touch. I miss the Mako.