Birds With Teeth

I couldn't find a list of games birds with teeth so I thought I'd try to make one. I have no idea how well this is going to go but I think I gotta try to do this.

Birds with teeth are cool and are usually friendly.

(I'm probably going to have to make pages on the wiki for this to even work so um)

List items

  • Everybody's favorite henchbird/henchocobo.

    They are doofuses. They are friendly. They've got teeth.

  • Chicken Run had a game? Welp.

    All of these birds had teeth but I've never actually seen the movie (or the game)

  • Does this count more as a bird or a dinosaur? Does this even matter? No?

    This poke has some teeth and may or may not like berries.

  • This bird is the reason I made this entire list. They are my favorite dorky spirit beast/bird (who claims to be notabird).

    Only has teeth when they are angry.