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There's a multitude of reasons of why people act the way they do towards other peoples opinions. Especially when you don't usually agree with what seems the most popular opinion, even when you approach that sensible without trying to be antagonizing. People get real passionate about the things they like and it manifests into something they must defend till the end of days.

You just have to come to realize that on the internet or anywhere for that matter, you're going to be be met with this kind of thing and you just have to be aware of it. If you feel like people are only arguing for the sake of arguing or are just a fanboy about something when replying to you, then don't even indulge in the conversation and move on. There's nothing you can do about it, so there is no point in wasting energy and being frustrated about it.

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Ubisoft made dumb excuses for something and were either very ignorant in the fact that they thought people would not question the flimsy excuses or just didn't care. Also it is a sad fact when sexism/homophobia/racism are real problems and there are people who like to throw it around just to start a riot and page clicks. I would like to see more woman/homosexual/races diversity in games, whether it is protagonists or supporting characters, but sensationalism like this really puts a damper on the subject by putting people in a bully mentality to support the issue.

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The whole argument that it doesn't fit makes no sense to me because if done correctly they could possibly make so many other pieces of music work with an MK trailer. It fits because they were artistically made it able to fit, the only reason it doesn't is because people either don't like the genre of music or have pre-concieved notions as what MK music "should" be. I was glad to hear it didn't have rock, metal or electronic music. Was a good fun trailer.

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I thought the game looked good and fun in beginning, but this is why I don't buy into hype. You set yourself up for disappointment because whatever you're hyping up will almost never reach the expectations you're setting. The hacking was pretty much the only thing that set itself apart from any other open world game and the rest should have been expected, typical open world game fair. The hacking was the gimmick of the game, which is not a bad thing considering it is something new to propose in a "fucking with the environment" kind of game.

I am more interested in it now than pre-release. After watching some people play it I think it looks like a lot of fun.

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@cloudyimpulse: I hope so too, I think it is gonna happen since of how good it has been done and how it is being received. Was reading the comment section after each episode and people were doing nothing but praising it.

@falserelic: Yeah, this is light years ahead of MK Legacy.

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This series was so, so good. I really enjoyed it and can't wait to see more.

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This is why I will be grabbing The Evil Within.

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@fenrisulfr said:

As for your last sentence: since when is a good action scene boring? I don't remember hearing anyone being bored with any of the fights in Pacific Rim, or the Avengers, or any other movie that had a good series of action scenes.

Overall we're gonna to have to agree to disagree, because otherwise we're just endlessly going to go back and forth. But as for this, when it becomes over saturated with the action. Good action can be good action, but when there's too much of it, it looses its flare, its momentum. And for me, currect mainstream action has become that because it has become out how over the top the action can be either from scene to scene in a movie or just action movies in general.


For anyone that is interested in reading this, here is an opinion piece that takes a look into Godzilla. I think it is a pretty good piece.

Destroy All Monsters: Men Plan; GODZILLA Laughs

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I'd like to bring something up that's been floating around this thread. "The original..." argument doesn't hold up here due to the very nature of what Godzilla is in these two movie. In the classic, Godzilla is the villain. In this reboot, he's the hero. We also have sixty years of seeing Godzilla. He's not a mystery anymore. He know who Godzilla is, what he does and how he does it. Hiding it isn't building "suspense." It's a two hour cock tease with a lot of blue balling up until the end. And by that point, it's almost too little too late.

The ending blast was pretty fucking awesome though.

Lol. They weren't not showing him because they didn't want you to see what he looked like. Of course people know what Godzilla looks like, but what is the point of just showing him for the sake of showing him? Building up tension and some sort of suspense is to me what makes movies good. Whether you felt that was done good in this movie is one thing, but clearly the director wasn't going for Godzilla throwing monsters around destroying cities for 2 hours because that would be boring.

I would say it is arguable that maybe they could have shown a little more, but by the end I was personally satisfied with the last fight. It was the only fight fully shown because it was the actual defining fight in the whole movie. The other fights would have been filler if they showed more and just pleasing the audience with the pretty cgi for the sake of it. It would have been less of a wow factor when it came to the full fight at the end, you wouldn't be as enthralled seeing the monsters fight, causing the devastation and how good the special effects were.

I would have to say my biggest pet peeve of complaints comes with Bryan Cranston. I think the guy is awesome too but him not being in it enough is a very weak complaint considering I am not going into a Godzilla movie to see specific actors.

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@jsnyder82 said:

I liked it a lot. The human drama was pretty shallow, but the monsters fighting was epic.

I also love people who complain about barely seeing Godzilla for most of the running time, and that it took itself too seriously. That's basically admitting that they've never seen the original, or most of the sequels.

Pretty much the vibe I get.

I like the movie a lot and am glad it isn't something like PR. Which is different and more about making the fights look cool and over the top as possible. No offense the PR because I liked it, but it is a big dumb action monster movie. Not to say Godzilla is some smart behemoth of a movie, but there is a difference in tone and the way both movies carry themselves. Especially in Godzilla where the fights felt like fights actual monsters would have if they actually existed. And the fact that the monsters aren't there to just destroy the city/people. They felt like huge insects to me, that were trying to exist just as that. I guess ultimately they would be destroying cities and wiping out mankind anyway.

The Human stuff definitely wasn't great in this movie, but it never actually is in most movies of this type. The fault in that I guess lies in the fact of how much time you spend with the humans, but I didn't have a huge problem with it. I usually end up hating characters in movies and it annoys me when they're on screen, I didn't hate any character in this movie.