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@zelyre said:

I had a big grin hearing Scrooge say he was tougher than the toughies and smarter than the smarties.

I'm an old man.

Now we just need Gizmoduck, Fenton Crackshell, Gyro Geerloose, golden fruit, and frozen popsicles that let you travel through time. A Darkwing cameo and the Rescue Ranger's air blimp docked at an airport next to the Seaduck and my Disney Afternoon fan service requests will be complete.

I don't know about the rest, but Lin-Manuel Miranda is voicing Gizmoduck later this season.

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Since it was an arrow pointing down. (Or since all of the gang was at GameSpot, if you want to count that. I followed them from there to here.)

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Well, considering it would have taken a few seconds of research on Google to discover that a novel with very similar aspects to the one you intend to write already exists, I see two possibilities: she's a liar; or she doesn't know how to conduct proper or even cursory research into a novel she's writing or she simply didn't care to.

I would argue that, as a fiction writer (and The Hunger Games was not the first thing she wrote), Collins actually knew better than to Google around for ideas similar to her own.

Here's the thing: There is nothing new under the sun. No idea in fiction is ever going to be truly, 100% unique. But to protect yourself from accidental plagiarism, it's often better to try to avoid similar works when writing your own.

(This is similar to the reasoning behind many critics not reading other reviews of a thing that they themselves are in the process of reviewing. They don't want the opinions and arguments of other people affecting their own impressions until after the fact.)

If Collins was made aware of Battle Royale while in the middle of writing The Hunger Games, and then watched/read it, she would then constantly have to ask herself, "Am I about to make this plot decision because of that other story?" Because whether she would be making choices to mimic the successful parts of Battle Royale or to distance herself from it, there is no denying that her experiencing that story would have a significant impact on her own work.

This is also why Neil Gaiman refuses to finish reading Joseph Campbell's famous book The Hero With a Thousand Faces. He doesn't want to know about the formula for the hero's journey -- he would rather find himself there on accident.

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@handlas said:
@omgfather said:

What happened to Bring your B-game?

I was just thinking about that the other night. I kinda wish they would stick to shows they introduce. They start a new series and kill it off too quickly or, at least, just take super long breaks between episodes. Old Games Show (though Jeff plays on his Youtube channel on occasion), Ranking of Fighters, Load Your Last Save, etc. Bring Your B-Game was one of my favs.

Keep in mine that they see a lot of analytics stuff on the backend that we don't see. It's possible that they look at some shows and say, "This feature takes a long time to put together and isn't as popular with viewers as most of our other shows, so let's try something new instead."

I'd rather them keeping switching things up and trying new, potentially exciting things than burn themselves out on features that aren't taking off.

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As far as the job search goes, it depends on the field to know whether a headhunter is the way to go, but it probably couldn't hurt. You should come to Houston, the Greatest City in America. Dallas is awful and Austin is no longer cool, nor is it "weird". Houston is huge, and cheap, and incredibly diverse.

Don't listen to this trickster. Dallas is awesome and Houston has a bad football team.

(It has its problems, but I love Texas overall and think someone could be happy here no matter what city you land in. I'm partial to mine, though.)

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They brought it up on the Bombcast this week. It's technically possible since the game supports cross-play between systems, but it's still going to be really logistically difficult for them to do a Quick Look the way they'd want to do it. I bet it'll happen, but give it time. The game just came out.

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@newfangled said:

I've never gained any benefit from seeing their reactions on studio cameras during segments

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This is the only response this thread needs. Without good studio shots of the crew, the world wouldn't have "white guy blinking."

I get where some of you guys are coming from, and I agree that some layouts (like Metal Gear Scanlon) are more attractive than others, but generally speaking I have no problems with the gameplay size.

Besides, most of the videos on the site (including Quick Looks and several features like Demo Derby) still only have voiceovers and don't have any studio shots at all. It's all gameplay. Why can't special shows like Unprofessional Fridays be different? If I wanted a format that was just like most of YouTube, I'd just go to YouTube. I come to Giant Bomb to see its staff as much as I do for the games.

Also, I know sending physical letters through the mail isn't as common as it used to be, but postage stamps are much smaller than that, y'all.

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Advent Rising.

Alex disapproved of this opinion of mine on Twitter once (I think he did the GameSpot review way back when).

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Not a party, but I did show off the Switch to a bunch of family members at a lunch event over the weekend. We played Snipperclips and Fast RMX, mostly.

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@glots said:

Speaking of VR, I guess it's still a thing? I only really follow it through GB and it's already been three months since the last VRodeo, so I kinda figured the whole thing might've gone to hibernation...

Playstation VR has sold pretty well and tech companies are still pursuing it. Plus, one of the best VR video games yet (Resident Evil 7) came out less than two months ago. I'd say it's very much still a thing.