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i saw herds of sheep, cows, and a hawk!  yay bodega! bodega is awsome, anyone who has time should go, and if you dont, make time :) everything is beautiful there. as soon as i reached the beach (that rhymed) i threw my shoes off, i love the feeling of sand between my toes. i stayed there for at least two hours and watched the sun set within five minutes, amazing!

im so excited! why? i got a frog hat! cant wait to wear it everday :)
note- i hugged a tree that day and after that i tattooed my name on it, i leave my mark everywhere!!! (that includes you, lemon)


today it rained again but this time there was sun, yellow rain  someone must have been on my rooftop!

so today i was introduced to by roommates little cousin who was half mexican and half pakistani, yes pretty interesting so i thought id ask some questions 
so i pulled out a list from my pocket : 1) have you been to mexico?
                                                             reply: yes, iwenttomycousin'shouseweplayedHalo,iwonandit'salwaysfungoingtohishousebecauseIalwaysbeathim
                                                                  2) do you speak spanish?
and the tv came on and out i went
and that was my day