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Old Classics

Through the years, many games get lost in my huge pile of others, but some of them manage to stay on top, whether it be because of their charm, the nostalgia they bring, or even just because of their simplicity, I just can't stop coming back to these games.

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  • Majesty's such different take on RTSs just amazes me every time I install it, it's a re-discovery of a gem. Just watching your kingdom grow as you heroes run around, doing what ever they want is relaxing, it's a feeling you will never experience from any others RTS.

    Plus the fake Sear Connery briefing you before each mission is priceless.

  • ...Need I say anything. At least one a year, ill re-install Half-Life on my computer and play through it... Well most of it, once I get to Xen, ive had my Half-Life fill for the year.

  • Some people would say that giving a 9 year old kid Diablo 2 is a bad idea. I would say the opposite, I remember having hand cramps from all the clicking I did.

    Diablo 2 and its expansion are amazing, I never get tired of playing this game, the versatility of the classes, ill never be tired of summoning skeletons and watching people bitch about it lagging their computer.

  • From being to weakling to a bad ass, this game transforms your character into a walking death tank by the end.