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Top 10 Games of 2007

(Mass Effect isn't on this list because I played the 2009 PC version.)

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  • I refuse to cop out and say Galaxy is tied for first (which it basically is), so I'm blaming this on Rosalina. Rosalina is super boring and just generally sucks, and now she's one of Mario's FRIENDS. She's in Smash Bros and sports and everything. It's like getting a ring for being on a championship team, even though you played terribly all season and your teammates don't like you. The 2012 Aubrey Huff comparison, while once perfect, is now entirely too harsh. Though Nintendo has yet to publicly confirm Rosalina's whereabouts on January 6th, 2021.

    ANYWAY. Along with COD 4, Galaxy is dramatically better than anything else to come out in 2007, and it deserved not an Aubrey Huff but a Prince Fielder. That is to say, literally Prince Fielder, wearing a luxurious space muumuu and chillin' with Lumas. I suggest we keep hitting the reset button on the universe until this actually happens.

  • You: "Portal is more deserving of praise than the second Phoenix Wright game."

    Me: "Yes, but I don't need to repress my personal preference in this list because it's my personal list, and because no one will read it."

    You: [presumably never existed]

  • It had snow!

  • While I maintain that the narrative is overrated, this could well be sitting a few spaces higher if my own circumstances had been different. I happened to play Bioshock on the 360, and it was the first FPS I ever played through with a gamepad. Probably not a coincidence that the shooting felt like crap. Someday I'll check out the PC version.