Semester DONE. Winter Break Has Arrived.

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Next up, perhaps some Batman Arkham Asylum.... I played a bit of that recently (via Steam) and it seems absolutely astounding. 
Then again, I did decide to start playing Medieval 2 Total War, for like 6 hours this week instead. I really love that damn game. So much shit to do!  GO ME AND NOT PLAYING NEWER GAMES. Maybe I'll buy King Arthur The Strategy War Role Playing Game... Or whatever it's called.  Seems like it could be real cool. It seems a little janky in spots, but with the proper patching maybe it'll be real good!
Batman Arkham Asylum is quickly looking like Bioshock did for me a few years back. One of those games I buy, hear raving about, and then never actually play it for more than a few hours for no good reason. I suck.

Steam, Steam, The Magical... Application (?)

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Steam for being such an awesome service...provider.

Wall-nut says... SUCK IT ZOMBIES!
Wall-nut says... SUCK IT ZOMBIES!

There was some deals this week! Let me divulge some info about them for you.

First up there Plants Vs. Zombies. It's only 10 bones. It's a strange tower-defense-ish game. It is well worth that dough! Wonderful graphics, good humor, and addictive gameplay. It doesn't get much better than that.

Then there's their sales they have right now... Defense Grid: The Awakening and Universe at War: Earth Assault are both only $5. That's insane! I've played enough of Defense Grid so far to know that it a good tower defense game with some good challenge to it. It also doesn't look too shabby for a cost-friendly game. It's a little more hardcore than Plants Vs. Zombies (just a little).

These grids require my defense.
These grids require my defense.

And it's my understanding that Universe at War isn't half-bad either. I haven't really gotten to try it out, but I'm always down for a nifty RTS. Plus it's 5 bucks.

In conclusion...

Do it to it.

Adventures In Wipeout HD

So I have to admit it (ashamedly) that I have never actually played a Wipeout game before. That's pretty fucking miserable, right? Well, it's never to late to start anything (unless that anything is heroine, stay in school kids). There I was, looking at the Wipeout HD review on Giantbomb. "I should really buy this game," I thought to myself.

                                                                                                                                          That's purty, right there.

So I did! But... then I didn't really play it at all. The avalanche of releases over the holidays helped to take up all my time. Here I am, 3 months after buying it, finally playing the game. Geuss what? It's pretty damn good. The game is super slick. It's fast and frantic, but not overtly so. You can also make it play your own tunes. Can I hear an Amen for some Justice/Daft Punk? Also, the multiplayer works really well. I haven't really experience any lag whatsoever. For a game so fast, that's awesome. Although, I have to say... so far my favorite mode is Zone... Soooo purty (that's 'pretty' in southern talk).

So go buy this game if you haven't, jerk.

Mad love!


The PS2, system I never knew.

Well, I don't know why I'm writing this, seeing as how no one will be reading it except maybe one British lad... But, I felt it necessary to write about stuff.

So I have FINALLY been playing my PS2. I bought it a while back for like $50 at Gamestop. A good deal, to be sure. I literally played it for a couple hours and that was that. However, recently I have developed a want to play the games. So I unhooked it from my HDTV (it looks BAD on it) and got an older little TV (now it looks just fine) to hook it up on. I have been addicted to Dark Cloud. Did you people know that the PS2 had lots of great games on it?

For someone who loves games, I sure did my best to avoid all the good ones as a young'n. I pretty much only played Dynasty Warriors and the ESPN NBA 2K series. What was I doing back then!?

Ratchet and Clank
Dark Cloud
Jak and Daxter

Why did I just skip over these?!

Oh well, there's not a whole ton of games coming out soon (with the exception of Dawn of War 2 and Empire at War) that I want to play anyway. So now I have plenty of time to hunker down with some of the "last-gen" titles.

Cheers, y'all!


Dark Knight (The Review)

Why so serious?!
Why so serious?!

I'll keep this short as I don't want to spoil any major plot points at all. This is a very dumbed down review of the movie.

The Acting
There is not a poor performance in this entire movie. Heath Ledger excels as the Joker in every way you thought he would. He's terrifying and comedic, a beautiful combo. Christian Bale turns in another solid performance as Bruce Wayne, just as he did in Batman Begins. Aaron Eckhart turns out to be one of the top performers as well. I believe in Harvey Dent now, too. You can't go wrong with Gary Oldman as Lt. Gordon either. An all around fabulous cast.

The Filming

This film sports some of the best filming I've ever seen. Christopher Nolan is a mad genius. Whoever his cinematographer is needs to win awards for this film. The lighting and image clarity are astounding. As is all parts of the audio. The music adds a huge amount of tension and eeriness to the film.

This movie is easily one of the best movies EVER. This is coming from someone who doesn't like to sugar-coat things either. If you enjoy movies at all, you owe it to yourself to see this masterpiece. It is easily in my top 5 movies of all time.