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Beautiful 2

There was a time when I first heard about Flower and it's whole abstract game design that I simply pushed it out of my mind as being a good idea. Now here I am, months later, giving this game 5 stars! Who'da thunk it?! The game succeeds mainly on an artistic level. The gameplay may be nice and easy, but it's nothing over the top revolutionary. The gameplay is actually something that is seen in the most basic of games. You "collect" things, basically. But instead of collecting, you are touching f...

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Audiosurfin' 0

Audiosurf is a game that allows you to choose any song ever (as long as it is on your computer) and maps it out as a track that you "surf" on.  The track speeds up and slows down along with the tempo. The more intense parts are harder as well.There are quite a few game modes separated by basically easy/medium/hard. My preferred mode would have to be the Mono modes because frankly, they're the least complex and the easiest to get used to. The game is as hard or as easy as you want it to be. You c...

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Fable: My first Giant Bomb review 0

Fable: The Lost Chapters is one of my most played games. It also stands as one of my favorite games in the past 5 years. Fable captures everything I love in games. A creative universe. A beautiful score (even including the intro song from Danny Elfman) done mainly by Russel Shaw. Easy combat. Hilarious characters. Peter Molyneux may have overstated many things, but this game still turned out fantastic.It's not without some issues. The game doesn't exactly have the longest run-time. Some of the b...

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