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Games That I've Never Played (Yet) but I Wish I Did

There's always those games that some how pass us by and later we think, "I wish I played that."  This is a list of these type of games for me.  These games look really interesting, amazing, or at the very least, intriguing (from what I've seen).  For the most part, these are games that I've never even played (i.e. only seen others play it and only read about the game).  I've never owned a Sony console, so that has severely limited the games that I play...quite a bit (to say the least).  I hope to get a PS3 soon and maybe a PS2 to play some of these.  Despite the fear of being ridiculed for the lack of my "gaming prowess," I present this list to you all.
This list will get updated as time goes on.
Note:  These are in no particular order.
(Still need to add my explanations for each game)

List items

  • The first game I ever played was The Legend of Zelda for the NES. This game made me fall in love with gaming. Majora's Mask is one of the only games in the series that I've never played. I think that if I played it, I would love it.

  • This game is known to be one of the greatest games of all time...and I've never played it. I need to change this...someday.

  • I want to play ICO for pretty much the same reasons as SOTC: amazing presentation, gameplay, and story. I really need to get a PS2!

  • I recently played some Metal Gear Solid and it made me want to experience MGS4 more than ever. The graphics look amazing and the presentation makes this one game that I really want to play. And I really want to see what this game's story is all about for myself.

  • This is another game that makes me want a PS3 so badly. The graphics are probably the best that I've ever seen (as Shane Bettenhausen truthfully said about a year before the game's release on a podcast) and the branching story looks so damn intriguing.

  • Despite my extensive love for the Super Nintendo, I never got to play this one. I've never really been a huge RPG fan, but I've slowly warmed up to the genre over the past couple of years. When I finally played Chrono Trigger on the DS (my first experience with the game), it made me realize how much I missed by not playing many RPG's back in the day.

  • One of my friend's described this game to me recently and it sounds right up my alley (other than being a huge zombie fan). Maybe once I'm done spending MS Points on DLC and Rock Band songs, I'll finally be able to play this game on Xbox Originals.

  • Oh, Brutal Legend; how I want to play thee. Brutal Legend was one of those game that I wasn't too excited about before its release and even a while after, but hearing more about the game makes me want to play this game more (despite its shortcomings and problems). I'm a Jack Black fan and a big metal fan, so why wouldn't I want to play this? Sorry Tim Schafer :( I'll play it someday though.

  • Up until about 6 months ago, I had never played Final Fantasy VII. After playing the so-called "best RPG" by many, I now want to play FFVIII. I haven't traditionally been an RPG gamer, but I still want experience this follow-up that many like even more than FFVII.

  • There are two things that got this game on my radar in the first place: Shawn Elliott and GFW Radio. Shawn talked about this game so much and the things he described doing sounded so unique. I couldn't help but be genuinely intrigued by the concept and the possibilities of this game.

  • When Fable 2 came out, there was a lot of debate over which was better, Fable 2 or Fallout 3. Thinking back, I don't know why that happened because they are such different games. Nevertheless, I chose Fallout 3. But I'd love to try Fable 2 someday. The light RPG aspects mixed in with some sort of town management sounded really interesting to me.