Time's Arch Nemesis: Turn-Based Games


...is a two-faced bastard.   

Time moves fast when you are having fun and being productive, and loves to slow to a crawl when you are miserable.  
Time laughs at us when we grow older and realize that we don't have enough of it anymore.  
Time kicks you in the ass when you stop to smell the roses.  
If time were a person, I would make a pie out of mud, dog vomit, and old man farts and apply it directly to time's face.  
So how do I exact my revenge on this sadist we call 'time', you ask? It is a weapon that has suited me well over the years.... a holy cross to time's vampiric gaze... I give you one of time's most dreaded enemies: turn-based gaming (don't laugh... this is serious!).
Turn based games are a welcome respite to me from the constant drone of time's weary engines. The passage of time is frozen in this world where I can take as long as I damn well please to make my next move. No one tapping their foot behind me as I sit back and take a sip of coffee and plan my attack. No deadlines, no stress, no dropping all the things which make the journey enjoyable just to reach the goal with mediocre results once again... nay! Time is not welcome here!  
There are a lot of good turn-based viddies out there - though really good ones are not overly abundant. So recently many of the turn-based games that I find myself really interested in have been table top games... you know... sans electronica... everything from Arkham Horror to Deadlands to D&D to card-battle games like Game of Thrones LCG and it's ilk. The only issue is that rat-bastard time... many of these last 4+hours just to play, and that doesn't count time spent reading rules etc. and who the hell has that kind of ... yes, time.  
Recently I discovered a couple of sites/apps which let you play some very interesting turn-based games with one or more friends via the nets... log in, play your move with a somewhat decent representation of the game's board and/or components, hit send and go on with your life. When it's your turn again, you get an email notification... take as LONG AS YOU WANT to play your next move... whenever that annoying S.O.B. (time) has decided to give you a moment, and do your thing. In effect, you are stopping time in it's unholy tracks!!!
Two I'd like to mention - both free:  

  • yucata.de ...yes it's a german site, but hit 'Switch to English' and away you go - Lot's of cool 'german style' strategy games (whatever that is) here - I suggest 'stone age' to start :-)  
  • vassal ...this is a desktop app for mac and windows that allows to play A LOT of games you'll find in the local game store (Arkham Horror is one of my faves).  

There are lots more out there, but I haven't had the TIME to look into them yet - so I thought I would ask you loveley peeps for your turn-based favs - be they viddies or table-top. The only requirement is that they are turn based and somehow playable over that other bastard, time's equally evil twin brother: DISTANCE.