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Y'know, going to Hell doesn't sound all that bad. 0

I don't have a powerful desktop computer, I never have, which means when it comes to PC gaming I've always been years behind. Because of this, I wasn't really able to get my hands on a decent first person shooter until GoldenEye 007 came out on the Nintendo 64. Once I finally got a taste of good, solid FPS gaming I was hooked. I had been growing tired of RPGs and needed something other than fighting games to provide me with a more visceral gaming experience and first-person shooters fit the bill...

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Liek OMG, is U cool enuf 2 join teh Sk8 Klub? 0

Bless you, Used Games bin. Without you, I would have felt like a complete moron for having purchased many a game. But, with your low prices, I can feel comfortable having bought titles like this one. Tony Hawk's American Wasteland is the seventh game in the dynasty-like series from Neversoft, and it's... well, it's alright.Starting with a PlayStation demo disc for the first Tony Hawk's Pro Skater that featured the Chicago level, with no goals, and the world famous two-minute time limit, I was im...

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How the West was Gun... Sorry, I had to do it. 0

I find it kind of odd that the "Wild West" hasn't been used for the backdrop of too many games, especially in recent years. You'd think that with the countless Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Urban, and World War II titles flooding the market (especially WW2) that more developers would've looked to the old cowboys & indians formula for their action games. I mean, that whole cops & robbers theme has done quite well for Grand Theft Auto and its subsequent clone army. Think about it, the American West sho...

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Of all the licenses to drop the ball on... 0

In all the history of video games, there have been few movie licenses more fitting to make the translation than The Matrix franchise. It's got it all: World-wide popularity? Check. Name recognition? Check. Obscene budget? Check. Super powerful protagonist? Check. Super powerful enemies? Check. The ability to run faster and jump farther than you ever could in real life? Check. Superman-style flying? Check. Phenomenal car chase sequences? Check. Dazzling special effects? Check. Spectacular hand-to...

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He can't hold on much longer, nor can he ever let go. 0

It's the 9th day of September, on the last year of the previous millennium. I'd been at school staring at my watch, counting every second until I could leave and claim what was rightfully mine: Sega's Dreamcast, the much-hyped new gamin' machine that I'd pre-ordered months before. That afternoon I make my way to the Woodlands Mall, up to the 2nd floor Electronics Boutique, and find a line of other gamers waiting to pick up their own consoles. Holding my pre-order receipt in hand, I chuckle under...

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So much promise. Not much else. 1

If a game is merely the sum of its parts, Omikron The Nomad Soul would be among the worst titles I've ever come across. What it gets right, it does so barely. And when it goes wrong, it crashes and burns in rather sickening fashion. This game continually frustrated and disappointed me, and I can't help but like it. Quantic Dream? Whatever the Hell that is, it's got to be easier to assess than Omikron.Where to begin? If you couldn't already tell, Omikron is quite a confusing game, and not in the ...

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Sure, it's the sequel to Areas 1 through 50, but this murder simu 0

Ah, Area 51... The light-gun shooter (Well of course it's a shooter, what else would a light-gun game be?) that, despite it being almost entirely devoid of any depth when it comes to gameplay, I've played literally hundreds of times in various pizza joints and movie theaters for well over a decade.I'm unsure as to whether or not Area 51's very short length is a positive or a negative. On one hand, it provides a quick stroll down memory lane. Granted, that is of course if memory lane is a gauntle...

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