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Dota2 beta not working?

Is it just me or when you start the Dota2 beta the game starts and it loads everything but none of it works. There is no matchmaking option there is no list of your steam friends playing theres nothing at all.


Help me with this!

Hello people of the bomb of giant. I am doing a survey for one of my classes and i need some people to do this so can you guys awnser it. It will take maybe 2 minutes tops. Thanks!


specail editions

ok so gears 3 has been announced and what we all want to know is what is going to be inside the special edition or what do you want to be in the special edition. Remember go crazy!
I would want maybe a life size lancer with blood on it and i want  the bandana marcus wears.


Where is i love mondays

So im at school writing this and i was looknig forward to watching i love mondays but it wasnt up what's the deal are they not doing it this week or are they just posting it late. By the time you respond the video may be up. So dont yell at me if the video is up by the time you respond.

Is any one gonig to buy yakuza 3 when it comes out in NA

I am totally sold on this game i loved yakuza 1 and 2 and I'm pumped for 3. But i would like to know if anyone else is going to at least play it or yakuza 4 may never come out over here and that would make me mad. So what do you think about the game and are you going to play it?


So what is with the mag beta servers being down

So i just got my new ps3 for Christmas and so i think after beating uncharted 2 well why don't i go and try out mag so i download it and update it and then when i try to play it it says o sorry the servers are down. Why are they down what happened.  Are is it like when champions online was in beta they only had their servers up for like a day or 2 then they would be down someone please tell me cause i want to play this badly and see if the hype was worth it.