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@cale said:

What if it gets an exclusive you really wanna play? Will it still be dead to you?

One game doesn't make a console.

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I'm seeing Titanfall bundles for £350 at retail and at the very worst the console is the same price as the PS4 bundles that come with a game for £384. All this new package does for us is gives us less for the same price and they'll probably jack up the Kinect bundle price as a result. It wouldn't surprise me if Kinect retails for £80 standalone..

What is the Xbox One now? A less powerful PS4... all it is, nothing unique about it any more. Microsoft have just proved to me that they have no clue. They've removed everything that could have differentiated this console from the PS4 and their sales were not even that bad, they're topping software sales and are only 2 million behind the PS4 despite being in less that half the countries the PS4 is selling in.

All this move has done for me is made me have 0 interest in the console.

The funny thing is, I said removing Kinect doesn't drop the price and I was proved right.. it is selling for the same price as what we have now. Even in the US the console sells for $450, you're now getting $50 off and less top be excited about and who knows if you even get a game bundled with that... well done :/

Xbox One is dead to me now

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Sold my consoles, they're fucking pathetic.

PC all the way for me.

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Just sees to me that the media are just reporting doom and gloom on the console without any real basis. This in turn just puts of people buying the console and with so much wide spread hate it makes the situation look far worse than it is. People always go on about their lack of third party support, but really when has Nintendo ever been about third party games? I for one have only ever bought Nintendo games on Nintendo consoles, third party games on their consoles just does not interest me in the slightest, even if they're highly reviewed.... I just do not care. It is the same for every single person I know who has ever owned a Nintendo console, you're only interested in their products.

I'm a PC gamer and I own an Xbox One and PS4, yet there is nothing on either platform that excites me, I cannot name a single game for the PS4 that I care about that is exclusive. The Xbox One has Gears of War, Halo and Forza, but tbh the last Gears of War I liked was the first one on PC, Halo I haven't cared about since the first one and Forza needs to improve their menu design badly. When I think about Sony... like what is their identity at this point? Apart from MGS4 I just couldn't give a shit about the PS3, Socom should have been a big highlight, but they failed to deliver on that. Sony was always about Third Party, they lost their crown with the PS3...

For me when I look at the Wii U.. Pikmin 3, WW HD, Super Mario 3D world and the upcoming MK8 and SSB game I can already think of way more games I care about that Xbox One and PS4 combined. All Nintendo have to do is show Zelda, show the first proper fully 3D Mario and then prove they can create new IPs again and they have my money!

If I'm going to play third party games I will choose PC these days, the PS4 and Xbox One are basically just under powered PCs. So far I've not seen either of them perform and tbh it looks like we'll have nothing for the rest of 2014. Nintendo had their rough post launch year with the Wii U, this is the year they show us why it is worth it, so I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. The 3DS had the same post launch rough year, it was only 2013 when the 3DS actually became worthwhile and 2014 is that year for the Wii U.

The only thing I wish'd Nintendo would do is sort out their stupid account stuff and how purchases are console bound.

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There is a reason why I always preferred the offset analogue stick of the 360 controller and the Wii U has made me realise it isn't down to it being offset. When I hold a controller, my thumbs naturally point diagonally upwards and straight to where the analogue sticks are on Nintendo's pro controller and touchscreen gamepad thing. It is so perfect and comfortable and the only other people who have thought of this are Valve and their Steam controller prototype.

Just cements the reason why I find Sony controllers so uncomfortable to use, always feel like I have to angle my hands down and so they end up being wider than the controller and I have massive gaps between the controller and my palms.

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Seriously the PS4 controller lasts about 6 hours and I wish I could blame that stupid light which always blinds me or reflects in my TV, but it is only an LED. My Xbox One controller lasts 30 odd hours and that even has to power two more motors, so either the firmware is bugged on the controller or they've seriously skimped on the battery inside. When I wish'd they used a removable battery, be able to put my own in then.

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Saw the Mario Kart 8 Bundle for £200 at Tesco and along with Nintendo's free game offer I couldn't refuse. I bought a Wii U last year but sold it because there were no games, I just feel like a sucker for buying into the system again lol. Mario Kart 8 just looks so good though, I mean graphically it proves that Nintendo can easily compete with these new consoles as I think it looks better than anything we've seen on them so far. I just hope they keep coming with the games, Zelda has to be announced around E3 time even though Nintendo aren't going surely?

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I've played Mount and Blade Warband on and off for a few years now and it has to be not only the best online experience of what it offers, but also the best melee combat in a game ever. It is directional, you have full control over your character, it feels as one to one you can get from current controls. I love being able to put my shield up and face the right way to defend, I love being able to swing from any direction to try and avoid their defence, I love being able to put my shield up and avoid arrows. It is so good, so precise and just feels very tight...

Dark Souls 2 however just feels very slow, very clunky, the animations take all year to complete, the A.I is poor and the character moves slightly independently from the camera, this ends up making it feel very Japanese, very weird. I mean it is like the latest FF games or any JRPG really where it feels a bit animation first, I hate it when a character moves before the camera. I don't feel like I'm engaging in great combat and it being skilful, I feel like I'm just bugging out the A.I or trying to find and exploit.

I just don't get why it is so popular, it controls so poorly, it is so fixed animation based like all Japanese games are... why? We should be able to move freely and aim where we want. Dead Rising was the same, killing zombies was boring because for one there are no physics (again no Japanese games have physics) and so everything is animated, you cannot aim where you want, you cannot chop off limbs like Dead Island... no instead you hit a button and kill 10 zombies and they all animate to death and fade away.

I just hope Mount and Blade 2 comes out at some point because no one is doing what they're doing and the online is so good, 150 players fighting for a keep is just so much fun. I cannot believe how popular the online still is, maybe one day they'll bring it to PS4 and show you console people how games should really be done.

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The Xbox One Titanfall bundle is £350 everywhere now, this is compared to the PS4 which is £350 with no games or camera, really the PS4 is around £440 when you compare value.