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Paradise Burn 0

Barreling down the Interstate as what seem speeds not meant for humans, you put pressure down on the brakes as you drift towards the next exit narrowly escaping impact with the concrete wall. The angry punk behind you isn’t as lucky as he explodes on contact with oncoming traffic. You scrape against the left guard rail of the ramp leading downtown. Flying through red lights with no regret and a little prayer for each one, you spot the broken bridge ahead. You got off one exit too soon. There’s n...

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Shivering Isles 0

A strange voice radiates from the shining portal, beckoning an adventurer to become "his" champion. You follow the voice through the gateway and find yourself in a small square room with a chair on either side of a stone table. In the furthest chair sits a mysterious bald man asking for you to "be civilized" and to take a seat. You do as he says and he introduces himself as Haskill, servant of the Daedric Lord Sheogorath, known as the Prince of Madness and ruler of a divided realm.The Elder Scro...

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