Resident Evil 6 Demo - What rocks and what sucks.

So. I've just played the demo for Resident Evil 6 on PS3.

Oh boy.

Where to begin...

I loved Resident Evil 4. Seriously, who didn't?

I enjoyed Resident Evil 5 to some extent. I liked the graphics, the variety of real life weapons. I disliked the fact that you always had someone covering your back. I disliked the fact that it was more action than horror. By the end, it was more or less a roller coaster ride, a pretty unmemorable ride that just wasn't that interesting. But, still, enjoyable.

And now I've played portions of what would become Resident Evil 6.

I feel sad. I remember hearing in a making-of video of some sort that three teams under Capcom built the three different campaigns. Correct me if I'm wrong, but It's pretty clear. I'm not going to talk about the Jake Campaign, I'll just talk about Chris and Leon. The Bad and The Good, respectively.

Chris' campaign is as generic as they come. A typical run&gun with really heavy controls. Things I recall;

-Horrible dialogue, generic military setup.

-Characters have flat ears, a la PS2.

-An intro that's more than a little reminiscent of the Modern Warfare series.

-No way to pause the game.

-Horrible GUI design.

-A really dull and uninteresting boss fight.

So you see, I really disliked the "Chris Portion". Now on to Leon;

-Tense atmosphere.

-Characters have detailed ears! Leon's hair and facial animation looks stunning.

-Totally old school RE level design and lighting.

-Heavy controls translate excellently to Leon's slow&tense gameplay.

-Only a HK VP70 and a Survival Knife. Limited ammo.

-Still don't like having a partner in the dark...

-Amazing end-game sequence, looking for the keys in a police car, while zombies crawl on your windshield.

-Why can't the entire game be like this?

Seriously, Capcom. Release the game in three portions. I don't want to pay 60 bucks for one third of the product. I won't buy a game that has three completely different parts, two of which I couldn't even care less about. I won't.

There might be those out there who want to play mindless generic shooters (yeah, those Call of Duty titles do break records every year, don't they?)

But there are those of us who still enjoy a memorable ride that reminds us why we chose to buy a Resident Evil title, rather than just about any random shooter that will be forgotten a month after release...