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42869 Kuben Blisk Character 03/18/19 10:56PM 4 approved
42678 New Character Character Not only is he the head of the merc group that plays as the secondary antagonist in the amazing Titanfall 2 campaign but also somehow plays a part in the new battle royal game Apex Legends. 03/16/19 12:52PM 10 approved
28458 Austin Walker Person Danielle Riendeau, while streaming with Danika Harrod and assembling Labo, mentioned they needed 'Papa Bear'. She was referring to a Labo part but Austin Walker responded as if he was needed for the next part. The name stuck and he has been called Papa Bear at least one other time on a Waypoint Radio podcast. source: https://twitter.com/danikaharrod/status/988103083824697351 11/12/18 05:40PM 1 approved
18194 Dan Ryckert Person in Miscellaneous Facts, near the bottom, I added info in regards to Dan Rykert's Taco Bell wedding 09/18/18 09:47PM 13 approved