Random Blogging..

New week, new blog! How's everyone doing? I didn't really have anything specific in mind to blog about today, or within the past week for that matter. But, I said that I was going to be more active on this site then I was over at Gamespot, so here is a blog for you all today! Earlier in the week, I finally bought Ratchet and Clank: Tool's of Destruction. With R&C: Quest for Booty arriving later in the week, I really wanted to get into the R&C franchise. I finally bought the game after months of debating with myself whether I should or not since I hadn't gotten into any of the original games on the PS2. With everyone telling me how good a game it was, I finally gave in and bought it. The game was very short, but fun while it lasted. I deffinetly wouldn't give the game a 7.5 rating like Gamespot had and which many people disagreed with. Although, I will admit I dont think that it was RIDICULOUS or anything like that to give it a 7.5 rating. A 7.5 rating is considered, "good". Overall, I thought the game was good. I would still go beyond that 7.5 rating though and give it atleast an 8.0. Overall, graphics were great, story was great, voice acting was great, and it was a lot of fun to play for that short period of time. I didn't really see the humor in the game. I guess I could see it being a little more comical if I was younger (No, im not trying to insult any of you people that are older and thought that it was funny, like I said I could see the humor, I just personally did not think it was funny). An 8.0 is a good rating for this game in my opinion and I will deffinetly give Quest for Booty a go. I think it's coming out on PSN for 15 bucks or something like that? So, it will deffinetly be worth it.

I still have a little over 70 dollars on my Target gift card and I really dont know what game to get with it! I decided that since I did all my picture taking that I wanted to do with my camera that I would use all the money on my card for games. If I really want to get a camera again, i'll just ask for one for Christmas. Anyway, if any of you have any game suggestions, im all ears. At this point im waiting for Star Wars Force Unleashed to come out on Sept. 16. I dont know if I should hold off and save the money for that, or if I should go and buy Top Spin 3. I think at this point my plan is to continue playing MLB 08: The Show and maybe replay Uncharted to get some trophies. Then, i'll buy Star Wars with the money left on the card. Hopefully shortly after that, Top Spin will have gone down in price and I can get it for cheaper then 60 bucks. Thats idealy what I want to do, but we'll see what happends. Im not sure how badly I want to play Uncharted right now and i've been playing MLB 08 a lot so I may get bored of it real soon. I guess i'll have Guitar Hero to go back to if I do get bored, but I might get bored of that as well. Ah hell, we'll see.

That's all the gaming news I have for you guys right now, so i'll talk a little about sports for those of you interested. My two favorite sports to play are baseball and tennis. I play baseball for my high school team and I wish I could play tennis also, but they're both in the spring seasons. Anyway, yesterday at my local park they had a tennis round robin tournament going. My dad and I joined up and it was a lot of fun. It was doubles the whole time and I got to meet a lot of people and it was fun playing with some different people other then my dad or my cousin. In the end, I guess it wasn't really a "tournament" because people just started leaving whenever they wanted to, so there was no actual winner or anything like that.

As far as baseball is concerned, the Yanks are killing me. Although they've won there past two games, we really need to keep that winning streak alive. I have a feeling that the A.L. East is just completely out of our hands at this point and that our only hope is to win the wild card. Im ok with that, anything to get into the playoffs. Ever since I started watching baseball, there hasn't been a year that the Yanks haven't taken the trip to the playoffs. October baseball would be so different if the Yanks weren't taking part in it. I guess we'll see what Girardi can do to turn the team around.
On another note, my favorite sport to watch is football! It just became my favorite sport to watch about a year or two ago, when I really started getting into games. Im a hometown fan, so it would be the Jets or Giants. But overall, i'd pick the Jets. With the addition of Favre this season, im expecting to win a lot more games this season. Maybe even a trip to the play offs would be nice? To be honost, I still need to get more familiar with the roster. Like I said, football is my favorite sport to watch, but I dont get so involved with it like I do with baseball, so if you ask me to name more then 5 players on the Jets I probably couldn't do it, as pathetic as that sounds. This season im looking to get a lot more into it though, so by the end of the season ask me to name a bunch of players on the Jets and i'll probably be able to do it.

I told the people at work that on Friday i'd be able to work till 2, Saturday i'd need off, and Sunday I could work after 5. Why? Well, my brother is borrowing my aunt's RV to go camping. Him, his wife, and daughter are leaving on Wednesday and staying until Saturday or Sunday. I'll be going down with my sister and her boyfriend on Friday and staying till' either Saturday or Sunday, depending on when my brother leaves. When my brother was younger he was in boy scouts and was a badge away from getting his Eagle, but somethings got in the way of that and he never got it. Anyway, he always loved to go camping so he thought this would be something fun to do. This will be my first time actually going camping so it should be quite an experience. Other then that, I just have work today, Thursday, and work till 2 on Friday. My friend Mike should also be coming up tomorrow and spending a few days here. School starts back up Sept. 6th or 8th I believe? I dont remember, trying not to think about it to much. I just know it starts in a couple of weeks.

Well, that wraps things up. What have you guys been up to? What game are you playing? Tell me your life story! haha, talk to you all later!



$60 Game + Greatest Hits game = ....

So, with my new job, comes my first paycheck. $140..but do to tax I get $116. Not bad for my first paycheck, I was expecting only to get around $60 with my training hours, but it winds up they paid me for my other work days as well. Well, with that money, im actually not buying any videogames. Im opening up a bank account later on today and probably putting in about $100..leaving me with $16 plus another $10 I already had. So, i'll be walking around with $26 in my pocket and $100 in the bank. So you may be wondering, well then how come this blog is titled, "$60 Game + Greatest Hits game = ....." Let me explain..

A couple of months ago, I wanted to get a digital camera. Why? Obviously to take pictures and stuff. I needed new pictures for facebook, as well as vacation was right around the corner so I figured i'd be taking lots of pictures since i'd be going on vacation and stuff. In the end, I bought a Kodak camera for $150. I used it a lot, it took great pictures, great videos..it was a really good camera. I say WAS because something happened to it. Ya know when you turn some cameras on..the lens type thing kinda pops out? Well, thats what my camera did. The only thing is, it would automatically go right back in after I turned it on, therefore my camera would automatically shut off. So, I brought it back and they told me to try and charge it because it may be dead. So, I did that and they also tried as well. No luck. The guy at the store gave me a gift certificate to the store (BTW...the store is Target) for the price of the camera. It's been about a month now and I still haven't gotten around to buying the damn camera back. Why? Let me tell you...

I've gone to the store twice now and my mom has gone once. The first time she went, they told her that they discontinued making that model. So, I went to the store and they still had my model on display. I told them that I would like to purchase it and they told me that they were currently out of stock and to come back later on in the week. That I did..but this time I saw another camera I liked and it was for cheaper. Guess what? They discontinued making THAT model as well! So, at this point im fed up and just say to myself whatever lets try getting the camera I originally came for. So, I asked the employee for that camera and....it's still out of stock. Now, summers over, I got all the pics I wanted to get, and basically am tired of waiting around to get a camera. So, with a $150 Target gift card laying around, I think my PS3 is in some need of games! Here are two different scenerio's im looking at:

-Buy Top Spin 3 for 60 bucks plus get a greatest hits game.
-Wait to buy Madden 08 plus get a greatest hits game.
-Buy one of the above 60 dollar games and scratch out the greatest hits game and save the money.

I need help deciding, so I was hoping some of you would provide me with some opinions. Not many of you comment on my blogs, so im not even sure how many of you read this. Hopefully, this particular blog had a lot more of you reading and will therefore make you comment on this one..this one is probably the most important since it is involving MONEEYYYY! So please, opinions are very much appreciated.

Hope everyone had a good weekend and has a good week!


Getting a job

So, I got my first official job the other day. Im  a cashier at a supermarket. Of course, this isn't my dream job. It's my first job and I needed to start making money and this is a really easy job to handle, so I figured why not? I would have much rather worked at a place like Gamestop, Dick's Sporting Goods, Modells, or places like that. Unfortunately, Gamestop only hires at 16, Dick's hires at 18, and Modell's hires at 16...atleast this is the case for the area that I live in. I get paid 8 bucks an hour, so to start off I dont think thats too bad. Thursday and Friday I was in training and worked a total of 10 hours. On Saturday, which was yesterday, I worked from 10 in the morning to 6 in the evening, so that would be 8 hours. In all over the past 3 days I worked a total of 18 hours. Today, I was supposed to work from 12:30 to 5:00, but I got the time messed up and was 2 hours late. So, I guess Ill get paid for the 2 and a half hours I was there. So, all in all, so far so good. I've been working and i'll get my first paycheck this Friday. I don't work again until Tuesday and it will only be a 4 hour day, so i'll be looking forward to that.

With all the money i'll be making, im hoping to make some new purchases. Since I am only 15 and dont have to worry about paying for any bills, a 160 dollar pay check is a lot to me, so that's why I say "with all the money i'll be making". Im obviously going to put away money for a car, but with the extra cash i'd like to buy some new videogames. If you read my first blog, it tells you about the videogames that I currently own and the library isn't that big. There are many titles I missed out on which i'd really like to play. My first purchase would probably be Ratchet and Clank: Tool's of Destruction. I didn't get into the Ratchet games when I owned a ps2, but I heard that this was a game deffinetly worth getting. Also, with the sequel coming out soon, i'd really like to get into Ratchet's story and play through it. If any of you have an thoughts on the game, please leave a comment and let me know what you thought about it!

So yeah, that's pretty much i'll im going to blog about today. I just wanted to let ya'll know about my first job and how it is going so far. Also thought i'd fill ya in with what im planning on doing with my first paycheck! Im thinking in the future that i'll start a weekly blog, where I recap the week in different sections. For example, i'll have a gaming section where i'll talk just about videogames and entertainment. I'll include a sports section where I talk about my local sports teams and how they're doing. And, any other topics I can come up with i'll include. Im still waiting to get more friends on the site and more feedback on my blog entries. Im not really sure if people are actually reading my blogs, so I dont want to start this whole weekly blog thing up if noone is even reading, haha.

Hope everyone had a good week, talk to you all soon.



Getting to know you

Hey guys. Since I am a new member on Giant Bomb, I hope to be very active on this site. I plan on posting several blogs a week and commenting on your blogs as well. Since my first blog told you guys a little about myself, why dont you tell me a little about yourself? It doesn't have to be much, maybe just your gaming history, what kind of sports your into, what you like to do, etc. Anything that can make me get to know you a little bit better! In the future, i'll post blogs about different things, but my first couple of blogs will be short and to the point just like this one. My next blog will probably be about something to do with the new job I just got! Hope everyone is having a good week, take care.



First Blog on GIANT BOMB! About me

Hey guys, for those of you that dont know me, my name is Steve and im 15. I used to be a member over on Gamestop and I guess I still am, but I will use this website as my primary source for videogame information, as well as blogging and writing game reviews. I'll probably check out gamespot once in a while just to see how things are going over there.

Aside from that, I obviously enjoy videogames, that's why im at this site, right? I've owned a Super Nintendo, SEGA Dreamcast, playstation 1, a playstation 2, PSP,  an xbox 360, and a playstation 3. My favorite out of all of those consoles would deffinetly be the playstation 3. Playstation 1 and Playstation 3 are the only consoles out of the ones I just named that I still own. All other consoles were either sold or broke. I got my playstation 3 in December of 07' after I sold my XBOX 360. My first two games for the PS3 were Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Oblivion. I wound up selling Oblivion and getting money to buy MLB 07: The Show. My gaming library right now consists of: MLB 07 & 08: The Show, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, Call of Duty 4, Grand Theft Auto IV, and Guitar Hero III. I've also played Resistance Fall of Man and Rainbow Six Vegas 2. I've beaten all of those games except for Rainbow Six Vegas which I am currently working on. Some games that im looking forward to are Final Fantasy, White Knight Story, and Star Wars: Force Unleashed. That's about it for gaming I guess..now onto a little more stuff.

Im a huge sports fan, mainly baseball. The New York Yankees are my team. Im a hometown fan, so for basketball I roll with the Nets, football is Jets or Giants, hockey is Devils, and soccer I dont care about. Im also a tennis fan, but I enjoy playing it a lot more than watching it, so I dont really have a favorite tennis player. Just give me a good match and i'll enjoy watching it. Im also way into writing. Im working on my first book, titled "Stitches". If you guys are interested, I have a website for aspiring writers, or for those that like to critique peoples writing and such. Here is the link: www.thespot.hqforums.net

If im not allowed to advertise, sorry about that. Just let me know and ill take it off right away. That's about it. There is a lot more about me, but its probably not really worth mentioning, but if you're that interested you can PM me or become my friend here on Giant Bomb and we can talk more. Later!