First Blog on GIANT BOMB! About me

Hey guys, for those of you that dont know me, my name is Steve and im 15. I used to be a member over on Gamestop and I guess I still am, but I will use this website as my primary source for videogame information, as well as blogging and writing game reviews. I'll probably check out gamespot once in a while just to see how things are going over there.

Aside from that, I obviously enjoy videogames, that's why im at this site, right? I've owned a Super Nintendo, SEGA Dreamcast, playstation 1, a playstation 2, PSP,  an xbox 360, and a playstation 3. My favorite out of all of those consoles would deffinetly be the playstation 3. Playstation 1 and Playstation 3 are the only consoles out of the ones I just named that I still own. All other consoles were either sold or broke. I got my playstation 3 in December of 07' after I sold my XBOX 360. My first two games for the PS3 were Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Oblivion. I wound up selling Oblivion and getting money to buy MLB 07: The Show. My gaming library right now consists of: MLB 07 & 08: The Show, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, Call of Duty 4, Grand Theft Auto IV, and Guitar Hero III. I've also played Resistance Fall of Man and Rainbow Six Vegas 2. I've beaten all of those games except for Rainbow Six Vegas which I am currently working on. Some games that im looking forward to are Final Fantasy, White Knight Story, and Star Wars: Force Unleashed. That's about it for gaming I onto a little more stuff.

Im a huge sports fan, mainly baseball. The New York Yankees are my team. Im a hometown fan, so for basketball I roll with the Nets, football is Jets or Giants, hockey is Devils, and soccer I dont care about. Im also a tennis fan, but I enjoy playing it a lot more than watching it, so I dont really have a favorite tennis player. Just give me a good match and i'll enjoy watching it. Im also way into writing. Im working on my first book, titled "Stitches". If you guys are interested, I have a website for aspiring writers, or for those that like to critique peoples writing and such. Here is the link:

If im not allowed to advertise, sorry about that. Just let me know and ill take it off right away. That's about it. There is a lot more about me, but its probably not really worth mentioning, but if you're that interested you can PM me or become my friend here on Giant Bomb and we can talk more. Later!